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Jun 13, 2005 06:50 PM

Is Seven Numbers still around?

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A few of my friends and I are planning a dinner later this month. I heard that Seven Numbers on Eglinton is very good. I also read that their lease was up and they were relocating. Is it still open? What's good to eat there?

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  1. as far as i know, it's still around. my friend went there on the wkend.

    i'd recommend ordering a bunch of shared appetizers, including the calamari .. actually, i like almost all their appetizers are good ..

    we then add a polenta secondi, again, to share .. their secondi/pastas are pretty simple ..

    the entrees, the lamb shank and sexy duck are good, if available .. the rest of the mains are pretty bland .. if you've already ordered enough appetizers, just sharing the lamb shank and sexy duck should do the job and finish off the meal ..

    1. They also have a newer location at 307 Danforth, a couple of blocks west of the Chester subway stop. The last I heard the Danforth and Eglinton locations were both open.

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        Ok, I am not crazy. I was driving across the Danforth and did a double-take to see the awning with the distinctive numbers written in script.

        How long has it been open?

        1. re: Lazar

          it's been open since last August (2004)

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        Elastic Waistband

        They are still there. I think that their lease expires sometime in October of this year, and that they are looking for new digs around the Ave. and Eg. area.

        I second the calamari - superb!!!

        1. Heads up Chowhound!!

          I saw a liqour licence application for 7 Numbers right next to where the New Second cup is on Eglinton east of Spadina- ( SC made their triumphant return when that cafe Demeter closed- I still remember that sign the owner put up insinuating the neighborhood was to blame for his downfall)

          They are taking over that little sandwhich shop that closed not too long ago. Boy am I exited!!

          1. Good eye. Think they'll allow dancing on the tables in that location?!