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Jun 2, 2005 12:32 PM

Sushi Bong (Yonge/Finch) - Review + Photos

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[ Sushi Bong - no, it's not for Pot Heads ]

Sushi Bong
5 Northtown Way (Yonge St south of Finch Ave)
North York, ON

I first heard of Ichiban Sushi on Spring Garden through one of my friends, and kept returning for more .. but recently, that same friend denounced Ichiban Sushi (reduced portions, increased prices) in favour of a new haunt -- enter Sushi Bong ..

and yes, i had the same initial reaction to the name .. Sushi Bong is run by a Mr Tony Bong -- hence the name ..

it is located on a private driveway off of Yonge St, inside a Condo Complex .. easiest way to get there is to start at Sheppard & Doris (a small street east of Yonge), and drive north .. after you pass a large Dominion's on your left, make a left turn into a Condo driveway ..

seating is limited to a table for 6, and 5 seats along the sushi bar .. very cozy .. Mr Bong knows the regulars by name ..

complimentary miso soup, served with enoki mushrooms .. a tad strong on the miso and soy flavours, but the enoki mushrooms are a treat ..

wakame seaweed salad (~ $3.50) prepared with sesame oil and light chili pepper, adds a swift kick to a light seaweed offering .. the seaweed presents a fresh springy texture, married with the deep sesame flavour ..

the spicy salmon roll ($4.00, 8 pieces) is prepared with whole pieces of salmon, unlike other establishments that diced salmon sashimi mixed with hot sauce .. there is more salmon than rice, and that's a winner in my books .. rub the lemon wedge lightly on your maki, and it provides a nice tanginess to contrast with the hot sauce ..

the Sashimi Bong special ($10.00, 18 pieces) is a steal .. it's a wonder how Tony stays in business .. 7 pieces each of fresh salmon and snapper, these generous cuts are full of texture and firmness .. the 3 pieces of tuna were slightly mushy, but none of the sashimi tasted of fishiness .. add to that a shrimp (cooked), a surf clam, 3 pieces of octopus, and 6 pieces of 'crab' (pollock) .. and best of all, fresh ground wasabi (you can taste the texture of the ground horseradish) .. this is a must-order ..

the Tempura special ($8.80, 10 pieces of shrimp) was yet another bargain we could not pass up on .. while not battered in the traditional mannered with sprinkles of tempura flakes, this was nevertheless mouthwatering for those who crave deep-fried delectables .. served with a vinegary soy sauce (instead of the sweetened soy sauce with ground radish), it added a whole new dimension to this tempura .. with the shrimp deshelled all the way to the tip, not a single bite was wasted ..



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  1. this is best sushi deal in north york.

    giant rolls. small prices.
    dynamite roll, spider roll, spicy tuna roll.

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    1. re: mikeinTO

      Looks great, I can't wait to try it out sometime.

    2. Sushi Bong was an amazing find for me 3 years ago, and I've been a regular ever since! Probably the best sushi I've ever had, and I LOVE the portions and freshness

      1. I can't image what you people are talking about. Some people obviously confuse cheap with good.

        Sushi Bong is the worst excuse for sushi I've ever experienced. I was sitting there when the own sent someone to the supermarket for supplies. He came back with packages of the phony crab stuff from the Dominion down the street. That's whatu get there. You get what you pay for, or in this case, less. I wouldn't go there again if they were giving it away for free.

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        1. re: evansl

          Most places use fake crab meat though. It's surimi, which I think is made of Alaskan Pollack. I don't think it's fair to say this place is any worse than the other 95% of sushi places that also use surimi.

          Now if you thought it was bad because other things you ordered didn't taste good, that's another story.

          Personally, I kind of like this place. If I happen to be in the area, I'll stop in for a dynamite roll (that's the only thing I order generally). However, I pretty much never make a special trip there.

          1. re: kwong

            I just ate there and the prices and portions are better than average IMO. Our plates were made fast too. The lack of seating is an issue though, and take-out may be my preferred choice.

            1. re: jtamin

              i have been a loyal fan of ichiban for just over 10 years now..but I was curious to check this place out.
              I chose the chirashi...(which is what i eat at ichiban).
              For $ was decent.
              Was it the same quality of fish as Ichiban? nope...
              was it ok...yeah.

            2. re: kwong

              It is worse than 95% of the places I've tried. Of course, I normally don't consider fast food sushi. Some foods just can't be made cheaply and be edible. Sushi is one.

              1. re: evansl

                Which sushi restos do you like evansl?