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May 29, 2005 05:09 PM

Pandesal in Toronto?

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Curious where to find this Phillipine bread...I had it hot from a place in Mississauga, and it was great. Anywhere central, in the east end or downtown where I can pick this up? Thank you...

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  1. In Scarborough, lots of places:

    Gold Ribbon Bakery
    3477 Kennedy Rd

    Barrio Fiesta
    19 Lapsley Rd

    Golden Valley
    2 Principal Rd

    4830 Sheppard Ave E.

    I'm not sure if any of these places serve it hot out of the oven though. They will have at least pre-packaged for you to heat at home.

    1. There is a Filipino bakery on the north west corner of Bathurst and St. Clair. It is on Bathurst, just across the street from the Petro Canada gas station. You can smell the aroma from a block away.

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        I believe it's called something like Da Best Pilipino Bakery.


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          That's right! Thanks. I know that the bread smells wonderful. Just couldn't remember the name.

      2. There is also a family run bakery on Sheppard, north side, I believe west of Bathurst in a crowded strip mall. Pandesal has a unique flavour and is so delicious when hot. When on hand and cold, it is always best heated in an oven to bring out the flavour. That said, just last weekend, talking about Pandesal, a Filippina visiting, mentioned that there is an ingredient that even the Philippine government wants removed from the bread. She mentioned what it was, but I don't recall!!!

        1. Is there any bakery closer to downtown that carries pandesal.

          In Hawaii, I found that Portuguese sweet buns was an okay substitute, so I'm guessing I can find something on College, but still, there's nothing like pandesal.

          1. FV foods at 757 Warden Ave makes their own and they make it fresh everyday. Here's their website: