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May 26, 2005 02:15 PM

Vivoli on College Street

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Has anyone been here recently?
I heard the pizza was worth the trip.

Any recs?



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    1. re: Lee

      The pizza is ok, but don't try the pasta.

      1. re: Amanda

        The setting of the patio is really nice, and the prices are great, but I wasn't impressed by the food quality.
        My friend's pizza with pesto, bocconcini,mushrooms and sundried tomatoes was ok- they seemed to skimp on the pesto and cheese and it was too dry...
        The gnocchi quattro formaggi was way too salty. The menu mentioned it contained gorgonzola, but all I could detect was romano (which wasn't one of the 4 cheeses mentioned). Also, it contained bits of pancetta or bacon- it would have been nice if they mentioned on the menu that their quattro formaggi sauce contains meat. It was one of the few hot dishes that appeared to be vegetarian.
        I doubt I'll go back-
        I've found the food at Il Gato Nero, Giovanna, Coco Lezzone, Bar Italia to be tastier than Vivoli.

        1. re: sunnyside

          I agree with you, the food at vivoli is alright, but the patio setting in the summertime is actually really cozy. I haven't tried coco lezzone yet, but i would definetely try it out next time i am in the area!!

    2. I went to Vivoli just the other day! Food prices are great, bur I have to agree with other posts. The pasta left a bit to be desired. I had the linguine genovese and it was rather bland. The bruschetta pizza (now served on bread) was amazing. heaps and heaps of tomatoes. My dinner date had the chicken parm and the protion was massive and quite tasty too.