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May 17, 2005 07:16 PM

which Oliver & Bonacini gets your vote?

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I have recently been given a fairly sizeable gift certificate for any of the O&B restaurants (finally all that hard work paid off!!)
I have read some good and bad reviews for most of the restaurants, but if it comes down to it, which one would you choose to spend your hard earned money in?

My boyfriend is favouring Square, while I think Canoe or Auberge would probably be more dependable.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Based on the fact that they just removed the head chef, and some negative comments from people who have been there recently, I'd vote against Square.

    My vote would be for Auberge despite not having been anytime remotely recently, with Canoe getting a close second.


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    1. re: Ben Reiner

      I would second the vote for Auberge. Was there a few months ago and had a really lovely evening, food and service. But it's a totally different experience than Canoe, which is also nice. Canoe has more of the hip factor. Auberge has the elegance factor.

    2. My personal preference is Canoe.

      Both Canoe and Auberge offer great service, but I find the staff at Canoe more friendly. I also prefer the ambience at Canoe, and find the views from the dining room unbeatable. I do not believe you'll be disappointed with the food at Canoe or Auberge.

      Enjoy your dinner!


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        1. re: ThomOnTheNet

          Assuming you don't have to go through the rude treatment by the person responsible for taking telephone reservations, then I too would choose Canoe for their food and, hopefully, view. The arrogance and rudeness exhibited by the aforementioned person, when I tried to book a corner window table, was enough to deter me from returning a second time. Since we don't have any constraints, we went to Splendido instead. Apart from the view, we had a much better overall dining experience! Pity its not an O&B establishment!

        2. If I had my choice to go, on someone else's dime, to any of the OB restaurants I too would opt for Canoe. I am not sure either Oliver or Bonacini would agree but I think Canoe is their "flagship" restaurant. There are major differences in style, pricing, etc., among Canoe, Auberge, Jump, Biffs, Cafe-Grill and Square - each provides a different experience. Also, as mentioned previously, Square appears to be going through an unexpected chef change and given that you have a choice, it might be best to skip it for now.

          1. I vote Canoe.

            1. I'd pick Canoe but go on Saturday or after nine to avoid the business crowd for a more romantic atmosphere.

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              1. re: sunburn

                I agree that the number of suits at the bar can be a bit noticeable depending on your table, however, I don't believe Canoe is open Saturday or Sunday so one has to work around it - it really isn't too bad.