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Aug 8, 2001 12:30 PM

Aberdeen or Hoquium suggestions

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Will be spending Thurs nite in that area. Any place good to eat? Like everything from real, good diner to fancy. As long as it's well done.


Mary Ayres

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  1. When visiting my father who used to live there, these are some of the places we used to go... Bridges, Casa Mia Italian Restaurant, Duffy's (for fried razor clams), and a nice place by the water over in Hoquiam of which I can't remember the name right now. I also understand Breakwater Seafoods has a good lunch/chowder place. I don't know if these places are still there, but you could check the phone book when you arrive.

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      The nice place I was thinking of in Hoquiam by the water (Levee Street Restaurant) closed in June. That's a real pity. I'm also interested if there are any new nice places in the Aberdeen/Hoquiam area, as I will be there in September.