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Aug 7, 2001 06:18 PM

Any Vancouver BC Suggestions

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Heading up to Vancouver this weekend by myself and spending 2 days and nights on Robson at the Wedgewood....can anyone recommend must restaurants that have a nice social ambience combined with great food where I can feel comfortable eating alone (perhaps at a bar) without sacrifising quality....wide range of food tastes...any jazz clubs or must see entertainment venues while I am up there as well? Thank you.

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  1. Hi. I'd recommend that you do a search from the home page for "Vancouver" so that you can read the many restaurant recommendations that have already been posted here. It would also probably help if you posted this message to the Canadian board as well, which is where most of the Vancouver info is located. (Even though Vancouver is definitely Pacific NW, this particular board is for the U.S. portion.)

    Cafe Diva at the Met has very good food and a bar where I think you can eat. I was only there for lunch, so I don't know what the dinner crowd is like. And Phnom Phen and Sun Sui Wah both have great food, but are somewhat lacking in ambiance. If you like sushi, you can eat at Tojo and sit at the sushi bar, but when I was there it was hushed even though the restaurant was full, so I wouldn't exactly describe the atmosphere as social. Perhaps others will chime in with suggestions if you repost to the Canadian board.

    1. If you like Indian food, Vij's on 12th (?) off of South Granville Street is completely fabulous. They don't take reservations and are always packed so I recommend finding out when dinner starts, skipping lunch so that you are hungry early, and getting there about when they open. Really, really stunning food. I can't wait to go back.