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haribo gummy bears

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Does anyone know where I can track down Haribo brand gummy bears in the city?

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  1. I'm almost positive I saw these at Shoppers Drug Mart in Lawrence Plaza (Bathurst and Lawrence). I think they might have them at the Dominion in the same plaza. You might want to call them and check though before trekking all the way there. Shopper's number is 416-789-3368. Good luck!


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      There is a wide range of them at a European grocers/deli/bakery on the west side of Church Street, between Wellesley and Maitland (cannot recall the name right now!) Enjoy!

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        The deli on church st. is called Reithers . . . I have bought them there and they are the best!! . . . If your ever in Hamilton . . . Denninger's Deli (I'm not sure about that spelling) has them as well

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        I did a grocery shopping today and checked for them. They a wide variety of Haribo gummies and candies at the Forrest Hill Loblaws at Bathurst and St. Clair. They are in the Kosher aisle.


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          Much appreciated. Thanks for keeping your eyes peeled for them.

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            Kosher City Plus - west side of Bathurst, just below Baycrest Hospital/Home for the aged.

            There are very few producers worldwide of kosher gummi candy, and Haribo makes special runs from time to time. Therefore any store with a good selection of kosher candies will likely have them for you.

        2. anyone know where i can get them around mississauga?

          1. Does these places currently still carry them? I'm looking for a place either downtown toronto or in scarborough.

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              Just saw Haribo winegums at Suckers on the Danforth. You can try calling to see if they also carry gummies.


            2. Great post. One more question, I had gummy bears filled with yoghurt. Has anyone seen them outside of Europe?

              1. Haven't been there for a while, but saw them at Starsky - http://www.starskycanada.com/

                1. well, I just had to respond as I am a big fan of Haribo Gummy Bears (they are the only ones I like) In fact... I used to sell them in 8th grade(late 70's) to fund our band trips while living in the States . . . I'm not a huge candy fan but somehow I just really enjoy these little bears!! . . . It's one of my favorite stocking stuffer @ X-Mas . . . anyhow...I was just in Buffalo on the weekend and I saw the biggest bag of Haribo Gummies that I ever saw so I had to buy it !!. . . It is 3 lbs of Gummy goodness!! . . .It's almost the size a pillow!! . . . and the best thing is I got it a Target for just 6 bucks!!!! (can you tell I'm excited!!) . . . I'm enclosing a pic . . . In all my years I have never seen a bag this big!!! . . . on a side note I also picked up a bag of Darrell Lea's Black liquorice and I was suprised how good they were. . . by far the best liquorice I;ve ever had...

                  If you are ever in Buffalo it's worth the trip to Target..

                  as far as where you can get them in TO . . . as I posted before they are still sold at Reithers


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                    Reithers at Church and Wellesley? If so, I will make the trek there soon! Wish we had Target here.

                  2. Wanted to report that they are indeed sold at Reither's. You can get a 100g bag for $2.39.

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                      Sweet!! . . . I'm glad you got your fix . . . I'm also thinking that at 6 bucks for a 3 lb bag . . . I need to bring back some bears from Buffalo and start skelping them outside of the stores that sell them in Toronto...


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                        I would definitely be lined up as a customer ;)

                    2. There's a candy store in First Canadian Place, in the tunnel leading towards the National Bank building and on to the Eaton Center, that sells some Haribo stuff, not sure if gummy bears, though. I think its called Sweet Temptations.

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                        I went to Sweet Temptations on Friday, and they only had the Haribo licorice round circle-things. No gummy bears :(

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                          Oops, sorry to get your hopes up :) but the girls there are pretty good, I'm sure they would order some in if you ask!

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                            The Sobey's at Spadina and Fort York sells the Haribo gummy bears.

                            22 Fort York Blvd
                            Toronto, ON
                            M5V 3Z2


                      2. Tutti Frutti on the corner of Bloor and Brunswick Ave.