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May 3, 2005 08:26 PM

Lizano Salsa? (Costa Rican Sauce)

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A friend of mine just came back from Costa Rica, and she brought back this bottle of Lizano Salsa. What I'd thought was a large bottle turned out to be not enough, and now I can't wait for her to go back south for another bottle. Can anyone tell me where I can find a bottle of this stuff in Toronto?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I don't know whether any of them have it, but from the link below, click on directorio near the top, then click on supermercados at the bottom of the 2nd page. There's a list of about 10 supermercados in the GTA. Your best bet is probably one of the ones on Augusta Avenue in Kensington Market or Huaraz on St Clair.


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      Thanks, mikeb. I tried Augusta Avenue, and they've got tons of it at 243 Augusta. I don't know the exact name of the store, but it's right next to the ValueMart/FreshMart. $4.99 for a big bottle. So good. So very good.

    2. This is crazy. I just saw the sauce on Monday at the Highland Farms Supermarket on Ellesmere near Kennedy Rd. I had heard about it from someone who became hooked on it in Costa Rica and almost bought it out of curiosity. Eventually decided not to, but I may just pick it up next time - looks intriguing. You'll find it on the top shelf in the Mexican/Latin foods section.

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        1. Update -- as of summer 2011, you can get Lizano Salsa at the Mexican store in Kensington market, downtown Toronto.

          8.95 for a HUUUUGE bottle.

          write up here for those that don't know it:

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            Awesome, thanks! I just got back from Costa Rica and fell in love with the stuff as well. Bought a bottle to bring back with me, but I've already been wondering what to do when it runs out

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              I ran out a couple of months ago - thanks for the info.