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Aug 1, 2001 01:47 PM

Recs Needed for Seattle and Environs with Kids

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We're DC 'hounds traveling to Wash. State this weekend with our 4- and 7-yr. old kids, who are, alas, not yet adventurous eaters (although their parents like just about everything). A few days on Orcas Island, followed by a few in Seattle, and then 2 or 3 either in Vancouver/Victoria or somewhere on the Olympic Peninsula.

We're looking for any recommendations of Chowhound-worthy yet kid-friendly places in Seattle, on Orcas, or elsewhere. (E.g., can we take the kids to either Dahlia Lounge or Etta's?) Breakfast, lunch and dinner recommendations welcomed and appreciated.

Also, any sure-fire ideas of places to stay with kids on Monday/Tuesday nights either in Vancouver or on the ocean/rain-forest side of the Peninsula?

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Seattle: For breakfast/brunch try Mae's Phinney Ridge Cafe, on Phinney near the Woodland Park Zoo. Lots of traditionally tasty gooey stuff (big cinnamon rolls, omelettes) the family will enjoy, and it's very casual. I'm assuming you'll take them to Pike Place, and there's fun kid choices there, like right-off-the-fryer mini donuts near the fish tossers, The Crumpet Shop (they make sandwiches also), and of course Etta's. Hope you have a blast in my hometown.

    1. Welcome to the Northwest!

      Cascadia in the Belltown District just north of the Pike Place Market is a three to four star fine dining establishment featuring strictly a Northwest menu. While it is fine dining with full linens it is also kid friendly, featuring a kids menu with at least seven items (BBQ fished fingers, free-range honey-roasted drumsticks with new potatoes, noodles with butter and cheese, etc.) If fine dining is not your scene you can cozy up to one of their sidewalk tables or smoke-free bar tables and enjoy their more casual bar menu.

      Etta's is a sure bet. Other kid-friendly places are Beppos (ok but not great Italian food) just east of the Seattle Center, Ivar's on the Pier and the Crabpot also on the Pier.

      As for fine dining in the Peninsula, hands down the best place is C'est Si Bon in Port Angeles, 360.452.8888.