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Apr 29, 2005 10:40 AM

Dr. Generosity

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I'm meeting friends for brunch at Dr. Generosity in the Bloor West Village. I've never been before can anyone make any recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. it's awsome .!! I'm a regular there and i really like it.
    The owners are sooo nice they have four kids and the youngest was my server she's 10
    she was has a great bar and is perfect for familys

    1. I walked by this place today, and I have never heard any talk of it on here before. Any recent visits?

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        i love the bloor west neighbourhood. did you try anything while you were out there?


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          We didn't really have any time for lunch. I live all the way out on the Danforth, so we were just trying to make it a quick trip to go to Max's Market. Max's is amazing, and I just love going and sampling all their stews and breads and cheeses. We bought a really nice hummus, some organic ham which I'm going to put in my omelet this morning, some asian noodles which were good too and a round buns. Great spot, though, it can be pricey, but perfect it would be if you are having a party.

      2. Dr. G's has fantastic brunches. Their eggs benny are fantastic and they usually do a variation for their daily special (personal fave is the shrimp eggs benny with dill infused hollandaise). Make sure to substitute the home fries for sweet potato fries with maple syrup sour cream! sensational! They also have stuffed french toast, steak and eggs and all other manner of yummy brunch goodness. the vibe is relaxed and comfortable so i'm sure whatever you order you'll enjoy it immensely.

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            Yup. Great family-friendly, homestyle comfort food. Dunno if Liver and Onions is your thing but I haven't had better in the city. But you'll find something to suit every taste (even kids) here. I'm not sure if the promo is still running but on mondays they had a $1 corkage fee if you brought your own wine! Tuesdays it was $2 and Wednesdays $3. All in all if you're looking for a nice spot for tasty homestyle cooking, look no further that Dr. Generosity.

          2. re: yoyodyne

            I agree wholeheartedly with Dr. G's eggs benny being the best around! Huge portions of juicy peameal, delicious hollandaise and so-so homefries. Should have tried the sweet potato fries. Only $10 for a great meal (which they serve until 3 pm on Sundays - perfect for sleeping in.)

            1. re: Food Tourist

              Had brunch last Sunday - unfortunately the poached eggs arrived overcooked in the daily special benny with Virginia ham and mushrooms.
              They don't make homemade sweet potato fries so opted for a rather dressing-laden caesar salad which I abandoned halfway in favour of a healthy heart.
              There was a long line-up at 1 pm but we were seated relatively quickly in a really noisy dining room. Turns out it's not the best place to host a book club meeting!

          3. Yoyodyne
            Couldn't agree more i've been for supper several times and have always enjoyed my meals, nothing fancy just a good quality meal at a decent price.

            1. excellent, thanks for the recomendation! Now i know, next time Im in the area that is DEFINETLY where im heading. thanks guys!

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                EXCELLENT VALUE for families for sure!
                Nice staff, consistent, a good find and a staple in that area.
                right across the street from the Yellow Griffin Pub
                (just wrote a review on their fabuloussss BURGERS!)