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Apr 19, 2005 02:07 PM

King & Sherbourne

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Hi there!

My wife and I are moving to the King & Sherbourne area, and we would really love some recommendations on cool places to eat within walking distance. We've already seen that there are a variety of restos around, but I was hoping to get a Chowhound opinion of what's good and what's to avoid.

Recommendations on anything from dive bars to fine dining would be appreciated! We are very open minded when it comes to food, and will try anything.


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  1. There is a great variety in the area, here are a few

    Toba (King/Sherbourne) - small resto but flavourful food, great for lunch, dinner & weekend brunches.

    Chocolate Lounge (King/George), good for martinis but not good for service.

    Bettys (king/sherbourne) & Richmond Rogue (Richmond/Sherbourne) are both great pubs. Richmond Rogue has nightly specials and great atmosphere. Betty's very much similiar but I find the staff friendlier at the Richmond Rogue

    George (Queen/Jarvis?) I believe this is part of the Verity club. Haven't been yet but heard great revues.

    Patrician grill is a great old style dinner, good for burgers & fries and weekend fry ups!

    Plus the distillery district is only a short walk away and there you have Perigee, Boiler House to name a few.

    Also a short walk away is St Lawrence market, Jamie Kennedys, C'est What, etc

    Good luck in your move and exploring your new neighborhood.

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    1. re: Pebbles

      Thanks so much! Now I will have to decide which one to try first -- we'll probably do a 'moving in celebration dinner' at one of them!


      1. re: Craig

        We went to Toba for our celebration moving in dinner!

        1. re: Pebbles

          My wife and I (we moved into the area back in October) did the same thing!

          Toba is amazing - the service can be a bit off from time to time but overall very good and the food is fantastic.

          You are a very short walk to St Lawrence Market, a place I've been known to get lost into - at the weekends there's a great farmers market in the north building.

          The Richmond Rogue is the very best of the pubs in the area - try the Friday night beef ribs - the biggest buggers you're likely to see. The staff are great, very very laid back and casual. Can't say enuf great things about it.

          Try Laide as well at Jarvis and Adelaide - very unique. 30s-40s porn playing on the walls (no, really...), amazing cocktails.

          Enjoy the area - we love it!!!!!

          1. re: DAB

            A few more...Vox on Front east of Sherbourne,and though reviews might be mixed, there is both Biagio and La Maquette on King near Church.
            Anyway, lots of choice.

            1. re: Maureen

              For a slightly different choice, one of my friends highly recommends the falafel at Mystic Muffin on Richmond and Jarvis. Can anyone confirm?

              1. re: echeng25

                I've also had recommendations for Mystic Muffin but haven't been yet.

                1. re: Pebbles

                  Yes, the falafels are great, and the owner is a very nice, animated guy. And, have some apple cake for dessert, but please save some for me!

      2. re: Pebbles

        If you want take out I went to a great place a few weeks ago called Genarro's (?) It's an Italian Hot Table concept. It's on King, south side near Sherbourne across from Betty's. The food was awesome and the guy told me he can bring in some requested foods (the construction people wanted hot Italian sauages)

        1. re: Pebbles

          I have to agree with the all comments. I will add a few though :
          The Jason George is good pub on Front, just east of Jarvis.
          Izakaya on Front at Church is new and I've had great luck there.
          The Golden Thai on Church has excellent food and good service.
          Bellisimo's on the Esplanade (near Sherbourne) is a bit of a dive, but their pizza is really good : we always just order and take it home.

        2. Toba has a fantastic weekend brunch, but I've not been there for dinner. Give it a try and let us know.

          1. Cafe Asia @ Front/George (Beside Jason George) has ok dim sum and spring rolls.

            Also, the George Street Diner @ Richmond George is great all around but only open from 8-4.

            1. Charlie's is a greasy spoon with the best fries in town and a good Greek salad. Not open on weekends.

              1. It's a little bit of a walk, but Hiro Sushi at King and Jarvis is arguably the best sushi place in the city. great fun (albeit $$$) if you order the omakase (chef's menu) and sit at the sushi bar.