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Jul 25, 2001 08:16 PM

Sick of Bread dough Pizza!

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Where oh where is that super thin pizza I crave with the soft top and the crunchy bottom, the kind where, when it is picked up by the end, the slice barely sags?

My friends are big fans of the deep dish doughy offerings, I can't stand them.

Pagliacci's crust-good taste but too rubbery
Zeeks-almost there...but not quite
Atlantic Street-bread dough hell

Any thoughts?

Desperate for the ultimate pizza

Steve E.

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  1. The best pizza I've found in the area is at Village Pizza, in Langley on Whidbey Island. Not exactly convenient to Seattle, but if you're making a trip to Whidbey, it's well worth stopping there.

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    1. re: Karl

      Quality varies but the closest I've come to a New York slice (I'm from NY) is Pizza Brava on "the Ave" in the U-district 2 blocks south of 45th, if you go around dinner time on the weekend I've had success, if you go too late some other guy is cooking and the pizza is horrible!

    2. I know it's not the best, necessarily, but it has thinner crusts than most and consistently good. We like their House, that has tomatoes and feta and olive oil. It's on 1st Avenue between Battery and Wall.

      1. You are going to love me. the best paper-thin pizza in town is at La Medusa. Simply wonderful. You will not complain again. Please go and post afterwards to let me/everyone know if you like it.

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          Thanks Sonja, will do!

        2. Cafe Lago has very thin, almost cracker-like, pizza dough cooked in a wood-fired oven. I like their pizza very much, but it's not necessarily traditional "East Coast" pizza (it's unclear if that's what you're looking for though).

          Cafe Lago is at 2305 24th E in the Montlake neighborhood of Seattle.

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            Charles Drabkin

            Try Mama's Own Pizza & More (With a sign on the window that says Hot Mama's) 700 E Pine St