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Apr 15, 2005 03:48 PM

Hero's soon on Queen W. -- looking for advice

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There's a Hero's Burgers opening soon at Palmerston and Queen. They claim to serve "certified" Angus beef. Is this just another Harvey's type of burger place or is it worthwhile ... they have other locations, but I haven't visited them before. Any thoughts, recommendations or warnings?

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  1. Certified Angus? Certifiably tasteless! It's nothing special, really, just another blah burger place. Save your money on this meal and go have something different at the many fine restaurants east of there, or crack open the grill and give a couple of bucks to someone who deserves it.

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    1. re: Vieira Fan

      I agree with Vieira Fab! I find their burgers tasteless too! It seems this chain put all their resources into the decor and none on food. I would expect fresh cut fries in a place like this, instead they are generic frozen ones! The burgers have little appeal and they charge a premium for extra toppings!

      1. re: funfoodie

        Does anyone have suggestions for a good take-out place around that area? Basically West of Yonge and south or on Bloor...

        I've forgotten the name, but went to the burger place in the little fast food plaza facing the CityTV building, beside East! with tea shop 168 outside.

        It's quite good, they press their patties really thin which I'm not sure I like but they had sweet potato fries with a chili mayo that was very nice. It's a little expensive, but the portion is large. I wish they had half sizes.

        1. re: ArtificialButter

          You are talking about Fat Phils... Used to be run by a very large guy who looked like a cross between Fat Albert and Chef from South Park.. A real nice guy who served a great burger.


          I was there recently and was shocked... it seems the place has been taken over by a Korean couple... My freind ordered a burger and I watched as the lady pulled out a pre-cooked patty and DIPPED IT IN OIL before placing it on the grill.. I gues the extral oil flares up the flames and makes it cook faster???? But I will never eat there again...

          1. re: Oh NO

            Actually, it's called Big Stan's and the dude's Korean.


            1. re: Oh NO


              I thought that was weird as well. When you go to a place called 'Big Stan's' you don't expect a dimunitive Korean son and father. I guess it's family operated.

              I wasn't paying too close attention but I didn't recall them 'dipping' the patty in the oil 'cause that is kind of ick.

              The burger was better than most places that are on my way or that I know about so I'm going to try again and see how it goes.

              But seriously, sweet potato fries were yum. Is there any place either further west or closer to Yonge that does that? Would make it close enough for lunch during a work/school day.

              1. re: Artificialbutter

                Sweet potato fries are excellent at Fresh by Juice for Life. The seasonings are great too. Several locations including Queen West at Crawford and Queen just east of Spadina. Also there is one on Bloor east of Bathurst.

          2. re: funfoodie

            The fries ARE fresh cut, it says so right on the menu... they only charge for the premium toppings, there's so many free ones though... it doesn't sound like you've even eaten there...
            Hero isn't a fine dining restaurant, it's just a higher notch then the regular fast food joints that are disgusting in all regards.


        2. I've had their burger at Hazelton Lanes location and it was NOTHING special. I've had a better burger at Shoeless Joe's and it's not even my kind of place.

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            St Clair & Yonge

            there's a hero burger at Yonge & St. Clair, west of Yonge street, south side