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How is the gelato at Soma Chocolate?

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I am planning my food tour of Toronto (next month) and was wondering how the Gelato was at Soma. I don't think it has been mentioned on here.

I LOVE gelato! I am planning on trying at least 3 different places...plus ice cream too.


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  1. It is incredible! I've tried a few flavours and have never been disappointed. I am a huge fan of Soma! It is a must visit in Toronto!

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      You mentioned you're going to Ed's as well. Definitely try the creme brulee ice cream - unequalled anywhere!

    2. There are two great things on the Distillery, 1) Soma Chocolates, and 2)Soma Gelato. Pastry Chef David makes the most wonderful treats to be had. If in Toronto and want that special treat, go to Soma.

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        I know this is off topic, but I would add a third Distillery great: Perigee!

      2. The hot chocolate there is amazing as well. It has a slight chili flavour, and was really similar to some I had in Mexico City last month. Soma is really a wonderful place for chocolate lovers.

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          cool like lenny

          How was Mexico City for food? I wanted to go with friends but the 'safety' issue has been brought up repeatedly

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            We've been to Mexico City numerous times - yes, you do have to have your wits about you, but I have never felt that I was at risk. Food is great! This time we just had the one evening, and we had made a reservation at Izote in Polanco. Very upscale neighbourhood, very nice restaurant. The dessert was to die for.

        2. what else/where else is on your food tour?

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            I'm not really going to Toronto just for the food ... but I am a Chowhound after all. ;-)

            For gelato/ice cream I was definitely thinking La Paloma, Hollywood, Ed's Real Scoop and of course, Soma (anything else I should add)

            I am also without a doubt going to eat my way through the St. Lawrence and Kensington Markets

            and since I LOVE everything British, I am definitely looking forward to the Brick Street Bakery for savory pies and also that place at the St. Lawrence Market

            Do you suggest anything else?

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              If you are going to Kensington one of toronto's best new ice cream places is the organic ice cream shop right next to the TD bank machine on the North end of Kensington Ave. Think chili-striped rich chocolate ice-cream and other unique flavours. These guys also sell their stuff at whole foods.

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                THANK YOU for the heads up!!! That sounds awesome :-)

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                I find IL Gelatiere is the best place to get gelato. I believe what makes this the best is the texture and natural taste. I have only been there twice but have not been disappointed.

            2. I had both the hazelnut and vanilla gelato last week and have to say I was a little disappointed. I expected something a little more decadent. Having said that, if you're looking for something lighter - more icy than rich and creamy (which I suppose is the premise of gelato) it's quite refreshing.
              I would recommend all the bakery products at the Brick Street Bakery, especially the cookies, banana bread and scones.

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                ...and the eckles cakes at the Brick Street Bakery. Mmmmmmm.

              2. Tasted the dark Venezuelan chocolate gelato. It's phenomenal! Rich without any sense of cheap ingredients or fillers.

                Their other chocolate products are just as great. Very impressed in stark contrast to Teuscher.

                1. Soma sure has some incredible chocolate. However, the one time I tried the gelato, I was disappointed. It wasn't actually bad, but my expectations (based on their chocolates) were not fulfilled.

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                    Soma's gelato is on the refreshing side, and not very decadent. If I remember well, the pomegranate flavour was delightful.

                  2. I just learned that Soma is actually owned by Oliver Bonacini. Who'd have thunk it?

                    1. Well, if that is true, then that would explain the fact that Oliver & Bonacini restaurant in Bayview Village mall offers Soma gelato for dessert.

                      While I generally find that gelato and ice cream is too sweet for my liking, Soma's chocolate gelato tasted almost unsweetened! On the other hand, the lemon-sour cream flavour was rich, tart, and of just the right sweetness. Because I had the two flavours in the same bowl, the relative sweetness of the lemon-sour cream gelato probably magnified the lack of sugar in the chocolate scoop. That said, I don't think I'd like Soma's chocolate gelato, even on its own.

                      1. We adore the sausage rolls at Brick Street, and of course, the Soma chocolate drinks. Have to try the gelato, so far Hollywood has been our fave. Btw, for people who like British, High Street Fish and Chips on Underhill does very good fish and chips, also sticky toffee pudding, onion things - and I plan to try their haggis next. Be warned it opens only until 8 pm and there is usually a little bit of a wait for tables, but worth it!

                        1. I really loved the chocolate at soma, but

                          Personally I didn;t like the geleto there.
                          The flavour was good but the texture was not right.
                          Much too icy.

                          I found another place in woodbridge on lagstaff called gelato gelato.
                          Claims to be artisnal and made in house.

                          I liked it better than La Paloma.

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                            Agree with you on the Soma Gelato. The texture is 'gummy' - makes small peaks like meringue. I suspect some stabilizer has been added. And indeed, exactly the same issue (gummy) at La Paloma!
                            Haven't tried the place on Langstaff, but the best scoops in T.O. are at Il Gelatiere and Solferino.