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Apr 12, 2005 04:29 PM

Best Cannoli?

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Can anyone recommend a place to get a good cannoli?

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  1. Royal Beef on Danforth near Woodbine (which has the best beef in the city IMHO), always has a box of really yummy cannoli there on Saturday mornings. I think they get them from someplace in Woodbridge.

    They're not as great as the ones in the North End of Boston that they don't fill till you order them, but still pretty darn good.

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    1. re: Richard

      Absolute best in Toronto is at Lettieri on Cumberland!

      1. re: Tom

        Lettieri? Uh-uh. With all due respect.

        Riviera bakery on College is better. The best was Sicilia Bakery on Langstaff.

        Lettieri does nothing well.

          1. re: Fwagra

            Gotta disagree here. I was spoiled on the cannoli from the Metropolitan in Boston's North End. The Lettieri cannoli are the closest I have come to anything even remotely similar to date in Toronto which is truly a sad statement. I have also heard that Riviera is great but have yet to try them.

        1. re: Richard

          I second your recommendation. They arrive fresh each Saturday morning, crisp shells, luscious filling. Gone quick, so best to call ahead and hold some, if you can't get there before noon.

          Carmen, the owner, is Italian, and I think she knows from cannoli...

        2. I like the canoli at Faema at Dupont and Christie.

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          1. re: Phil

            I agree, when they're fresh they're really good and wet..........yummmeee

            1. re: canoli

              Have to disagree. It is a nice cafe, but the canoli are pre-filled. So they get soggy; not good at all. I am still looking for a good place that will only fill it once you order it.

            2. re: Phil

              We like the cannoli at Faema too. They may not be the best, but they definitely hit the spot. Commisso has good cannoli too.

              1. re: acd123

                COMMISSO.....has AMAZING cannoli! Don't know if they make them or buy them from someplace else but they are to die for!! We lived in New Jersey for 3 years and had terrific ones there as well as visiting the North End of Boston (equally good)...These cannoli at Commisso are right up there with what we had in the U.S.!

            3. I like Tre Mari on St Clair west just east of Lansdowne...or also Riviera Bakery on College near Clinton...Miranda

              1. I like Tre Mari on St Clair west just east of Lansdowne...or also Riviera Bakery on College near Clinton...Miranda

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                1. re: Miranda

                  The Italian buns and breads at Tre Mari are great, but recently I found that their cannoli is a little dry.


                2. The only good cannoli around are at La Sem in Missisauga. They make them properly and they make sure they are always fresh. They are located on Eglington near Dixie. I live 2 min from Tre Marie but I travel to La Sem just for the cannoli. There cakes are excellent aswell, they did all the pastries and cakes for my wedding. The best!!!