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Best Cannoli?

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Can anyone recommend a place to get a good cannoli?

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  1. Royal Beef on Danforth near Woodbine (which has the best beef in the city IMHO), always has a box of really yummy cannoli there on Saturday mornings. I think they get them from someplace in Woodbridge.

    They're not as great as the ones in the North End of Boston that they don't fill till you order them, but still pretty darn good.

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      Absolute best in Toronto is at Lettieri on Cumberland!

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        Lettieri? Uh-uh. With all due respect.

        Riviera bakery on College is better. The best was Sicilia Bakery on Langstaff.

        Lettieri does nothing well.

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            Gotta disagree here. I was spoiled on the cannoli from the Metropolitan in Boston's North End. The Lettieri cannoli are the closest I have come to anything even remotely similar to date in Toronto which is truly a sad statement. I have also heard that Riviera is great but have yet to try them.

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          I second your recommendation. They arrive fresh each Saturday morning, crisp shells, luscious filling. Gone quick, so best to call ahead and hold some, if you can't get there before noon.

          Carmen, the owner, is Italian, and I think she knows from cannoli...

        2. I like the canoli at Faema at Dupont and Christie.

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            I agree, when they're fresh they're really good and wet..........yummmeee

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              Have to disagree. It is a nice cafe, but the canoli are pre-filled. So they get soggy; not good at all. I am still looking for a good place that will only fill it once you order it.

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              We like the cannoli at Faema too. They may not be the best, but they definitely hit the spot. Commisso has good cannoli too.

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                COMMISSO.....has AMAZING cannoli! Don't know if they make them or buy them from someplace else but they are to die for!! We lived in New Jersey for 3 years and had terrific ones there as well as visiting the North End of Boston (equally good)...These cannoli at Commisso are right up there with what we had in the U.S.!

            3. I like Tre Mari on St Clair west just east of Lansdowne...or also Riviera Bakery on College near Clinton...Miranda

              1. I like Tre Mari on St Clair west just east of Lansdowne...or also Riviera Bakery on College near Clinton...Miranda

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                  The Italian buns and breads at Tre Mari are great, but recently I found that their cannoli is a little dry.

                  Link: http://www.tremaribakery.com/

                2. The only good cannoli around are at La Sem in Missisauga. They make them properly and they make sure they are always fresh. They are located on Eglington near Dixie. I live 2 min from Tre Marie but I travel to La Sem just for the cannoli. There cakes are excellent aswell, they did all the pastries and cakes for my wedding. The best!!!

                  1. I have had cannoli at Riviera and find the shell is not crisp enough and the filling is too dense. The best I have ever had is at Sicilia Bakery in Hamilton @ Gage and Sherman. It has been run by the same family for 40 years. They fill the cannoli to order so the shell is always crisp. I used to live by Riveria Bakery and would drive into Hamilton to get my cannoli fix.


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                      Actually Frank's Sicilia Bakery is at Barton and Sherman in Hamilton.

                      Gage and Sherman run parallel and don't meet up.

                      Excellent Cannoli made to order.

                    2. Pizza Libretto serves up a decent cannoli.

                      1. I can't say I've had a huge cannoli sampling across Toronto. Had a couple here and there but usually had a weird oily texture compared to what I'm used to getting when living in NY and CT.

                        I did have several bites of my SO's cannoli at Black Skirt last weekend on Charles St and it was excellent. Crisp and refreshing, not overly sweet, which is exactly how i like it.

                        1. Hi folks,

                          Sorry to bring this "back from the dead" so to speak, but I'm coming up to Toronto from the States, and recently found out the friend playing host to me has never had a cannoli, ever. I'm shocked, horrified, and any other various number of equally dismayed emotions, and so I've decided that while he's at work one day, I'm going to drive around the GTA and pick up cannoli for him to sample. I've picked out the names on the reply to the OP, but I'm curious if anywhere new has cropped up since this thread was out, or if any of the referenced places have closed?


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                            First off, I would eliminate any places that have no recent posts.

                            This is a more recent cannoli thread:


                            It looks like your (limited) choices are Royal Beef on Saturday mornings, Riviera Bakery, and Commisso Brothers.

                            Someone mentioned Libretto, but just fyi, that is a restaurant. I'm sure, however, that you could call ahead and take out a couple of cannoli.

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                              Call Faema Cafe to see if they have any. They usually have them a few times a week. They're very good there.

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                                I don't think they're making their own at Faema, and so you may want to call them to see what days they're fresh. Cannoli doesn't age well.

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                              I've had the cannoli at Riviera, Commisso and Tre Mari. The ones from Riviera were clearly not freshly made, and thus, soggy. The Tre Mari ones and the ones from Commisso were both good - not soggy, but not terribly crispy, either. Commisso scored some bonus points for sheer variety (both sicillian and ventian cannoli, with fillings of the traditional ricotta, or chocolate ricotta, or pastry cream, or whipped cream). All that said - weirdly, the best cannoli I've had in Toronto came from a Portuguese bakery called Caldense (there are multiple locations in the city, the one where i had the amazing cannoli is on Eglinton, east of Keele). Very obviously fresh, traditional filling of ricotta with bits of chocolate, fantastically crispy shell.

                              The cannoli at Libretto is ok for what it is, but it's very small, if i remember correctly.

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                                Then I'll add Royal Beef to your recommendation for Caldense's cannoli, as they are fresh, crisp, and delicious, always. They are, however, only available on Saturdays.

                                It is possible that Riviera, Commisso, and Tre Mari have their days for cannoli, but surely they're not making them every day. Best, then, to call ahead, and find out which days have fresh cannoli!!!

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                                  Ok all you Cannoli eaters, just remember that we are humans with varied taste buds and feel, like in texture, so like some Cannoli may feel abit oily or sometimes soggy may be embraced by some and shunned by others. To say this one is the best or that is not as good is really a personal opinion. I have had many cannolis in my time and in different provinces too. So were good one day but not so good the next day. fact is generally speaking. Eat the stuff and remember Cannolis are great eating

                              2. Concord, on Centre St. close to Dufferin. Good, very decent cannoli.

                                1. Best I've had - North Pole Bakery at Greenwood and Danforth. They have tasty, crisp shells, and fill them to order with ricotta (or something else, but we always get ricotta).

                                  It doesn't look like much, and the service can be a bit gruff, unless you're a regular, but they have delicious cannolis.

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                                  1. Best Cannoli, bar none, are from Bar Buca. A very close 2nd goes to Sud Forno.

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                                      Ha Ha Kwass you're probably right!!!

                                      I liked North Pole's but I confess wouldn't know a good from bad. I don't know why I voiced my 2 cents in the first place. I don't even like the damn things.


                                      1. re: millygirl

                                        Don't feel bad. We've all been guilty of doing that :)

                                        And just so you know, prior to eating the cannoli from Bar Buca and Sud Forno, I wasn't particularly a fan of cannoli. But their versions can convert anyone!

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                                          Agree, with the above posts. But my guilty pleasure at Longo's on Laird are their filled-to-order Canoli's.
                                          They're actually pretty good.

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                                            Are they made-to-order at all Longo's, or just that one?

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                                              I've seen it made to order at two Longos... one in Oakville and one in Vaughn. I think it needs a real bakery in the store... the one at the Oakville/Mississauga border didn't have the made to order cannoli (or the good bakery for that matter. That store isn't great anyhow).

                                              1. re: Nevy

                                                Wow! Good to know! Thanks Nevy!

                                    2. Irene's Celebrity Cakes in Mississauga(Eglinton just w. of Dixie)isn't half bad for cannoli.