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Jul 24, 2001 01:46 AM

Hudsens Hamburgers/Kelso

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Ok greasy burger joint, however, the service was sorely lacking, (Uh, at least a mumbled "You're Welcome" would have been nice.)


What the hell kind of burger place doesn't have bacon ?
(I'm sorry...Canadian Bacon doesn't count...)

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  1. Yesssssssssss this hamburger joint sounds just spiffy, but when I'm driving to P-town or whatever my southwardly destination, I always like to stop in this ratty little town called Centralia for the always delish Burgerville burgs. I love nothing more than getting my digits around one of their meaty meaties with that oh-so silky specialrama sauce. They totally give IN-N-OUT a run for their $$$$ Oh yum! Gourmet's Road Food peeps should pay a visit man! Just wanted to give a big ol wooowoooooo!! for my friendly peeps at Burgerville. Stop in there folks. Ya won't be disappointed! As for local burger joints, I recently discovered the seduction of a place called Wally's in a little speck of a town called Buckly. I was heading home from a the big ol' mountain and stopped in for a bite (actually just to use the bathroom, naughty me!) I was seduced by the sizzling beef... gave it a try and WOW!! loved their burgs. My gal pal had their fish and chips and totally thought they were as good as you can find anywhere in the big city. We may have to drive out there this weekend to get our groove on. Buckly also is the home of some kind of log festival, which I thought was totally groovorama.