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Apr 8, 2005 02:18 PM

Best Indian food in Toronto

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Where can I find the best Indian food in the west end of Toronto?


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  1. It's not very west, but Indian Rice Factory on Dupont is my favourite.

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      there is one take out place by a husband wife team at yonge and davisville.


      Try it is a nice little takeout place..........
      I like their spicing , it is too good to be left out as they include both Indian & Malabari Cuisine .
      As someone mentioned about Shares . I dont have any shares in it .

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        I recently ate at Indian Rice Factory, and though it was certainly adequate and enjoyable, I think you should give Jaipur Grille a try. It's a few blocks south of Eglinton, on Yonge, and I think it offers some of the best Indian food that I have had in Toronto. I highly recomend it.


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          The best ones I ever had tend to be in those tiny places in the strip malls... there is one around Finch and Islington (a bit further west) that a friend took me to for lunch. They are actually two restaurants, a buffet and Tali place right next to each other and unfortunately, I do not have the address, but I'll try to get that from my friend.

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            This place is the pits. Overpriced, miniscule portions of mediocre food. Check this board. A lot of people agree

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              Indian Rice Factory is a dreadul place. High prices, tiny portions, mediocre food and rude service.

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                Indian Rice Factory may very well have been my worst Indian dining experience ever. And I've had a lot of Indian food over the years.

                Terrible value
                smallish portions
                Insipid tastes.

                Of the biggest letdown was the Vindaloo. I really enjoy a good Vindaloo. Yes it has to be hot, but it's about so much more than that; the perfect balance of intense heat, acidic bite, and smooth butteriness of the corriander... Anyway, the Vindaloo at the Rice Factory was AWFUL! It was like they just plopped two or three pieces of meet in a tomoto-based soup. And for some reason it was sweet... Yuch.

                Never again for me.

                And yet, some people really seem to like this place. I can't for the life of me fathom why.

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                1. You can't beat Biryani House, on Wellesley, just off Yonge (opposite the subway station).

                  1. West, way North West! Best?, certainly, absolutey excellent. Hwy 27 & Albion Rd. area finds Exotic Indian Cuisine, on Albion Road, west of 27, make a right into industrial plaza just past first light, it's there. Decades of experience in Coxwell/Gerrard area, give a phone call, closed Mondays I believe. Quiet location, immaculate and best of cooking can emerge from husband/wife team, let them guide you. Weekday buffet small but superb, often surprising talented dish on offer!!

                    1. Last time I was at Biryani house we didn't have an amazing meal but I have in the past. And I had a downright awful one at the Indian Rice Factory. I've had great meals at Curry Twist on dundas near Keele. On King I've had good meals at Kama. I find Nataraj too greasy but their tandoori is good (especially the cauliflower). It's on bloor.

                      But to tell you the truth I haven't found indian food in toronto that is as good as Curry Village and Curry Original in Kingston. If you know what I mean, please offer suggestions.

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                        I second that. The indian restaurants in Kingston are surprisingly good. Who would have thought? I think my favorite is Darbar.. I'm still looking for a standby in Toronto

                        1. re: sunburn

                          Yess ! Some Kingston Indian supporters! I grew up there, and Curry Original is truly one of the best Indian experiences I have on a continual basis.

                          As for Toronto, I only can speak to midtown - Chef of India at Yonge/St. Clair offers solid value - mediocre naan but great korma and saag paneer. If you like mild spicing and fancied/overpriced dishes, I think Amaya/Bread Bar is quite solid.

                          Chef of India
                          30 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON M4P1A6, CA

                          Curry Original
                          278A Princess St, Kingston, ON K7L1B5, CA