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Apr 7, 2005 01:13 PM

Taftan Kebab

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Checked out this new place in Richmond Hill today.

It's located at the northeast corner of Yonge and Weldrick. Enter the plaza off Weldrick to find it easier.

They have about 16 combos which pretty much all have rice, salad (mediterranean style with feta/olives/etc), and a meat/main.

Tried the chicken breast. It was so good. Well marinated, very flavorful without being overcooked and dry. They gave tons of rice. I usually eat Asian food and was not used to this rice. It's alot lighter, longer, and they don't stick together. Maybe Basmati rice?

Other main choices include beef, chicken leg, lamb shank, and other specialities I am ignorant about including Ghaimeh, Ghormeh sabzi, Chencheh grilled beef, Mirfakhraee grilled beef, Koobideh, Joojeh Bakhtiari chicken, Salari ground meat, Barg Kebab, Vaziri chicken kebab, Soultani beef, and Taftan Kebab.


It's more of a take out place with a couple counters and about 6 stools.


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  1. Sounds like a restaurant that's dominated with Persian specialties and the rice is prepared by removing much of its starchiness and then steamed to generate this delicate fluffy effect. Would you happen to know if they make Fesenjan? Or did you recite the entire menu?


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    1. re: Curtis

      Didn't mention everything (hard to believe!).

      Also have:

      1) Shwarma (chicken)...but didn't see any pitas
      2) I googled Fesenjan and yes, it appears they have it. But they don't call it that. They just say chicken with pomegranate sauce
      3) Chicken and rice with barberry

      1. re: Goober

        I agree I absolutely love this place. I raved about it on this board a few months ago. Its so delicious!

        1. re: zaintek

          I eat here very frequently, the prices are very low and the food is always great, perfect take out when you are in a rush... don't get the shwarma though, probably the worst shwarma i've ever had, stick to the arab shwarmas lol

          1. re: Vlad

            FYI, they don't sell Shawarma at Taftan anymore.

    2. The original comment has been removed