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Apr 4, 2005 05:01 PM

camel meat

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Do we get Camel meat in Toronto . Please give contact Information too .

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  1. Doubt you'll be reading this 4 years later, but I just saw it today at White House Meats 416-601-9780, St. Lawrence Market - south building (at least I think that's the name of the place). I came here to see if I could find out what it was like and saw your post. They also have kangaroo and probably some other "exotic" meats. I bet panda is delicious.

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      Yes, it is at White House Meats. I had the camel from there about a month ago. On the package it said "Wild Australian Camel Striploin". I really enjoyed it. I would describe it as gamier than beef or venison, and a little bit leaner. I can't remember the exact price, but I paid somewhere around $15 for maybe 1/2 pound. When I see a new animal, I don't worry about minor details like price.

      I would love for them to carry panda, but unfortunately you are joking because I was just there yesterday!

      1. re: thotrum

        I had burgers with camel meat from white house.

        It was fatty but bland.