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Apr 3, 2005 11:35 PM

Eganridge Inn

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My wife and I are thinking of heading to Eganridge Inn in Fenelon Falls at the end of the month. Anyone been? Any comments on the food?

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  1. We were there a few years ago. We found that they had an excellent chef and good kitchen choices. The rooms were spacious and well appointed. Good spot for relaxation as there is not much to do there.

    1. Looking for updated reviews of Eganridge Inn especially now that it's owned by The Windsor Arms in Toronto. Also, any suggestions for delicious, memorable but moderately priced or cheap dinners or picnic supplies/snacks in the Fenelon Falls or Bobcaygeon areas would be greatly appreciated!

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        I heard they were looking for a new chef, so it might be hit and miss for a bit?!?

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          Uh oh. What's your favourite place in that area to have a good (but mains under $20) supper?

          1. re: Food Tourist

            Don't have one in the Bobcaygeon / Fenelon area. At least not right now. We haven't been in about 6 months (to the area) so we'll have to visit again. :)

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            They said the chef's name is Kofi from Ghana, and the menu is certainly influenced by The Windsor Arms. We enjoyed our supper and the friendly and helpful server (who recommended shopping and eating in Bobcaygeon). I started with a glass of prosecco ($10) which was unfortunately quite flat. Next came our soups, a sweet-salty French onion soup in a covered tureen ($10), and soup of the day, a deliciously subtle cream of zucchini ($8). 3 kinds of bread with butter were provided. We decided to split the 20 oz ribeye steak ($36) with Prime steak sauce (an asian-inspired soy pepper concoction) and horseradish, along with sweet potato slices ($4), well-peppered wild mushrooms ($6) and crunchy panko onion rings. A good hot creamy cappuccino ($3.95) and average espresso ($2.50) rounded out the evening. They obviously cater to an older (golfer) crowd as evidenced by the all-oldies soundtrack (think "Mr. Sandman"). They were out of salmon and offered trout instead, but otherwise it was a steak-heavy menu with no obviously local ingredients used. The server mentioned that the chef prefers his steaks well done but ours was nicely rare if a bit fatty.

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            Our server suggested Grany's bakery in Bobcaygeon so we stocked up on chelsea buns ($6.95 for a ring of 7), various kinds of butter tarts ($1.85 each) including pecan raisin, chocolate raspberry, fern (coconut raspberry jam), caramel pecan (the only one that is 10 cents more), old-fashioned treats (everything from chow mein stacks to nutmeg cookies to almond bark). Taste-tested on their side patio and found Grany's "average" tasting. Not worth a long drive.

            Kawartha Coffee Company nearby impressed with its Moroccan decor and pillowed booths and outdoor comfy patio area. Although we only ordered a medium latte (1.5 shots) and ice tea, the After 6 Apps menu and the daytime salads and sandwiches looked promising. The servers explained that although they don't roast their own beans, they use a fair trade company called Mountain View, and they also recommended their mocha, which is a latte made with chocolate milk!

            We also drove the 50 km from Eganridge Inn to Smokin Jake's BBQ shack in Irondale under the false impression it would only be a 25 km journey from Bobcaygeon. Juicy Flintstone-sized ribs for a fantastic price (3 St. Louis style ribs for $5.75); however, although he uses hickory and cherry wood, there still isn't enough smokiness for my tastebuds. "Smokey chicken wings" ($4.75) aren't actually smoked but marinated in liquid smoke and dredged in flour and smoke seasoning and blanched and then fried to order. They are certainly juicy (and quite pink inside) but not smoky-tasting. Pulled pork sandwich ($4.75) had only a hint of smoke but great texture and bun. Decent creamy coleslaw with a slight onion kick ($1.50) and average homemade fries ($2.50) were the disappointing consolation prizes for Jake being out of homemade beans and corn bread (which he promised would be ready for tomorrow) and sweet potato fries. I saw plenty of casual restaurants in Bobcaygeon proclaiming their own ribs to be the best, so I'm not sure if Jake's is actually worth the long drive...but if it's not Tuesday and you have a hankering for real hickory-cherry-smoked ribs and pork that are well-made, it's worth a gamble.