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Mar 27, 2005 06:19 PM

seafood buffet

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Divalicious posted a while back about the seafood buffet at the Courtyard Marriot with all you can eat lobster. Someone requested name of restaurant and phone number but there was no reply. Does anyone know? Is this still going on?

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  1. I suspect this was a hoax. Click the link below to read about the 2 restaurants at that hotel. No mention of a buffet let alone all you can eat lobster, anywhere.


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    1. re: TexSquared

      i walk by the hotel in the weekend. I did see an advert about the buffet. (the hotel on yonge st north of carlton. Better to call and confirm.

      1. re: TexSquared

        Nope, not a hoax. I also have seen the sign several times while walking up Yonge. If I recall correctly, it's Saturday nights only. And the sign makes mention of lobster, too, I believe.

        1. re: TexSquared

          No hoax. Our party of 8 ate a combined 30 + lobsters.

        2. Four of us tried it a couple of weeks ago. I assure you it exists and they have an ample supply of lobsters. All in all, a pretty good buffet and an incredible deal at that price if you have a hankering for lots of lobster w/ melted butter. Additional seafood consists of peel n' eat shrimp, some clams and mussels and seafood newburg.

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          1. re: Ben Reiner

            Do they have just plain lobsters?

            I remember once I went to Red Lobster for their shrimp buffet and they cooked the shrimp in butter. There was so much butter on each shrimp that I could barely taste the shrimp. I asked them if they could just steam the shrimp and not cook it in anything. They told me no.

            In short, I'd prefer to control the amount of butter or sauce that I have on my lobster if possible. :)

            1. re: kwong

              No problem - I like to control my butter intake too :)

              Lobsters are whole and just boiled - you rip em' open yourself and there's a massive pot of butter from which you can ladel the butter in from, into a small cup.

              1. re: Ben Reiner

                Instead of garlic butter, try vinegar. It brings out the lobster flavour and tastes great. I promise!!

                1. re: dstman

                  hey thats a great idea!!! never thought of it. Lobster is such a great healthyfood, its too bad people spoil its healthy potential with loads of butter

          2. Thanks to everybody who verified that this is legit. I'll definitely be making a trip there soon, before they can consider taking it off the menu!!

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            1. re: TexSquared

              I just went yesterday with 3 of my friends. It's located at 475 Yonge and is just north of College on the east side of the street. The restaurant is called Yonge Street Grille. Parking in the area is $10 on Saturday evenings.

              Personally, I had 8 lobsters and just a taste of some of the other stuff. The roast beef was tasty as well, although I elected to only have a bit of that so I could maximize my lobster consumption.

              As far as what else they had, here's a point form listing of all their non-lobster items:
              - cold cuts
              - cheeses (swiss, blue cheese, etc)
              - salads
              - chicken
              - talapia fillets
              - seafood medley
              - roast beef
              - cakes (the strawberry one was excellent)
              - whole fruits (banana, orange, kiwi, apple)
              - and possibly more if I've left anything out

              Needless to say, I also took a small handful of candies from the candy jar on the way out. :)

              For $24.95, I would say that this was definitely a steal of a deal for lobster lovers. As great as it was though, I won't be going back anytime soon, but that is only because I haven't figured out a way to afford a $25 meal on a frequent basis. However, for anyone with deep pockets and an insatiable appetite for lobster, I would definitely recommend this meal for multiple repeat visits.

              1. re: kwong

                I had considered making the trip this weekend but with the nasty rain and snow, decided to postpone. So, glad you were able to check it out for me. A few questions:

                1- How big were these lobsters? Were they the little canner ones (half a pound) or were they at least a pound each?
                2- Did they include the claws? I recall the ones Mandarin used to serve didn't have claws, just tails.

                Thanks again, I can't wait to try it myself!

                1. re: TexSquared

                  1. With regards to the size of the lobsters:

                  I found the sizes varied. I certainly didn't see any that were under half a pound. However, they were probably only somwhere between half a pound and one pound for the most part. One of the ones I managed to get was definitely over one pound.

                  2. The claws were included. Often, one or more claws were separated from the body of the lobster, but they were in the same serving tray nonetheless. This created the following situations:
                  a) Whole lobster with two claws
                  b) Lobster with a missing claw + a loose claw from possibly another lobster
                  c) Lobster with no claws + two claws that may have come from up to 3 different possible lobsters

                  From what I could tell, nobody was taking just claws because the number of loose claws seemed to always match up correctly such that each lobster had two claws originally and both claws were accounted for in the serving tray.

                  I hope I'm not getting your hopes up too high, Tex. Note that these are basically plain steamed lobsters without anything on them. There is butter in a vat, plus there's also the roast beef gravy available, but I elected to eat my 8 lobsters plain because I like them that way. If plain steamed lobster isn't your thing and you don't like butter or gravy, then I can't guarantee your satisfaction.

                  That said, if you like plain steamed lobster, this is an amazing deal.

                  Side note: I saw whole lobsters for sale at Dominion this weekend for $8 each and they were roughly the size of the lobsters at the buffet.

                  8 lobster * $8 = $64 = The cost of my buffet, my friend's buffet, and about 60% of a third buffet. :D

                  1. re: kwong

                    No, you didn't disappoint me one bit. They have exactly what I was looking for. What I was trying to avoid was:

                    1- Tiny lobster tails with no claws (like what Mandarin served during their promo)
                    2- Lobsters drowned in butter or any other sauce (Red Lobster, as someone else posted here)
                    3- Lobsters served cold over ice (if I wanted that I'd just order shrimp cocktail!).

                    Since this place has steamed lobsters, hot, with the claws available, and with butter on the side, that is perfect! We'll be there soon!

                    Thanks again!

                2. re: kwong

                  Thanks for taking the time to give all those details. Helpful

              2. Just wanted to follow-up on this. I went to this last weekend. Steady stream of lobsters coming out of the kitchen (I had 5 of them). Small sized, mostly females (smaller claws but have the red coral/roe intact). Roast beef was OK, gravy was horrible though. Other sides were acceptable (the canneloni was good). Desserts weak. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't disappointed since I got what I wanted :-)

                To get your money's worth, fill up on lobster. Otherwise, best to spend your $24.95 elsewhere.

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                  lobster luvr

                  I just called the place - its 24.95 and all u can eat dudes. cee yah there

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                    lobster luvr

                    okay - I went there Saturday night. REALLY ENJOYED IT. The lobsters were small - I would say anywhere from 1/2 lb to 3/4 lb average. Most with claws, some not. Very sweet though -and all you can eat. Butter on the side, but not even needed. Buckets of lobsters coming out at regular intervals. I was taking two at a time.

                    The Lobster was just steamed, dark red, not overcooked and quite impressive. There was also a selection of hot foods, cold salads - most of which were avergae. The Roast Beef at the carving station was excellent...

                    My only advice is to go early, there is definitley enough lobster to go around, but you can avoid waiting for the buckets to come out, if you avoid the busy times. We went at 8'ish and it got pretty busy.