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Mar 26, 2005 02:52 PM

Best Espresso in the city...

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I am wondering what the serious coffee drinkers think. My first choice is Bulldog Cafe, Granby and Church, but Louie's in Kensignton is just about co-equal. Depending on the barrista, Bar Mercurio can pull a mean one. But how do others see it? I am also interested in the June round of the barrista competition -- where? is it open to the public?

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  1. B Espresso on Queen east of Church and Mercatto (Toronto Street location) do seriously good espresso.

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    1. re: westhead74

      B is my favourite bet, but they seem to have some strange hours and are not open on Sundays?

      1. re: Randy

        Brazilianos on Dundas near Clinton.

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        Definately Mercatto best esresso outside of italy!!!!!!

        15 Toronto Street, Toronto, ON M5C 2E3, CA

      3. Gatto Nero at Crawford/College

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          peppermint pate

          Ah, the holy grail quest for the perfect espresso shot...

          I've posted often about Louie's - overall, it's still my favourite for the combined espresso/atmosphere experience. I like "b" as well. A couple of other options - Black Camel. It's a newish little spot on Crescent, off of Yonge Street (opposite the Rosedale station). The guy is serious about his espresso and pulls a fine shot. Great sandwiches too. The other spot is Zuccarini's, a 50-plus year-old espresso machine retailer on Davenport, near Dufferin. They have a stunning Elektra machine in the front that makes a fine espresso shot.

          Never tried (or heard of) Bulldog Cafe. Is that near Wellesley? Thanks for the tip - I'll definitely check it out.

          1. My mother swears by Jet Fuel on Parliament.

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              Not sure about the espresso, but the latte at Jet Fuel is great. Super tall, clear glass. Excellent home-made muffins and danish, too

            2. I have always had a thing for Terroni's Capps. Excellent!