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Mar 23, 2005 09:50 PM

Chippy's on Bloor Street

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I went for the first time to Chippy's on Bloor, near Bathurst. Had cod and chips. The chips not too bad. A huge helping. My cod came in three small and very thin pieces. Never had that before in fish and chip places. There's seating for about six at a narrow counter. Plastic fork provided. No knife. Extremely loud music being played while I ate as quickly as I could.

I will never go there again. (I haven't been to their other place, so can't compare).

Some while back there were recommendations for BandB Fish and Chips on Queen E, but no address given. Can someone help?

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  1. Fish n Chips is Penrose on Mt Pleasant ....west side a few blocks north of run business....excellent fish and chips...Miranda

    1. You obviously missed the point of Chippy's. Your not supposed to sit and eat there, and while I agree the music is too loud there fried scallops and chips with garlic mayo is horribly addictive. And the halibut and mushy peas are fantastic too.

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        Please fill us in on what "the point" of eating at Chippy's is!

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          I think he/she was saying that Chippy's is a takeout place. Not eat in. About the loud music... on Queen St. (the original Chippy's) a lot of young people hang out and others come to feel the Queen St. edgy culture. If you turn the music down or play something low key, others who like it the way it is may stop coming.

          I agree Bloor is much different. Chippy's should focus a bit more on who their customers are.

          About the fish being three small pieces... as far as I know Chippy's uses fresh fish. Only if you use IQF frozen fish, does every piece come exactly the same size and weight. Which kind do you want to have?

          1. re: Siri

            Of course I prefer fresh fish. But I've had fish and chips at a number of places in Toronto --- including the recommended ones on Bloor nr Royal York and on is it Broadview or Mt Plesant, few blocks south of Eglinton -- as well as good fish and chips at Allen's on Danforth, and a pub just off Bedford Road, and I've never had these miserable bits before. When I say thin I mean it seemed like mostly batter, with a sliver of fish inside.

            OK, if the food had been good I would put up with the music. It was just an irritant coming after the disappointing food.

            1. re: Siri

              Queen St. edgy culture? With Trinity-Bellwoods across the street? Wrong part of Queen for edginess, I'd say.

              Chippy's chips are terrible, btw.

        2. Not too far east of Broadview. Don't know exact address.

          1. Try Al's Fish and Chips in the Village by the Grange (McCaul and Dundas) ... I've always been very happy with their product ...

            1. WHITE BROTHERS FISH COMPANY (2248 Queen East, at Beech, 416-694-3474)

              And Ed's Real Scoop ICe Cream is a few doors west. Yum.

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              1. re: Richard

                I could not agree with you more! White Bros has a few tables so you can at least sit down! I always get the fish, salad and a few as they always have a salad of the day that is really fresh and wonderful and somehow takes away from the guilt of the fish ;). The tartar sauce is fab too. One thing to keep in mind is that they are not open for lunch (as I recall) so you might want to call and confirm their hours!

                Ed's is absolutely worth a go if you are in the neighbourhood. If they have it have a sundae... YUM!

                B&B's I remember being quite good but be warned that unless they changed things there is no where to sit. I haven't been for about 2 years so I can't comment on what the fish is like now.