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Mar 23, 2005 01:20 PM

best take-away gyros pita?

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Subject line says it all...

Criterias to consider: speed (is the time reasonable for take-away), quality of tzatziki sauce / topping / pita, service, price, easy accessible by TTC?

I'm used to the European style gyros kind (aka real strings of meat), not the meatloafy kind they are usually try to pass off here - but I'm willing to budge on that if the rest of the gyros pita is exceptional.

If not ribs, then perhaps gyros?

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  1. Messini on the Danforth makes gyros the traditional way. They are quick, and you can eat in or take out. They include a couple fries in the wrap, just like in Greece. Less than a five minute walk east of the Chester subway stop.

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      Here is the website

      It looks really good to me. I plan on eating here when I get to Toronto in May. :-)


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        seconded. Messini's gyros are SO tasty!

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      Guy Middleton

      My favourite is Alexandros. Two locations, one on Danforth, and one on Queen's Quay at Yonge (next to Captain John's).

      1. it's not exactly food central along queen's quay, but alexandros (right beside the place in the boat whose name i refuse to mention because it's so unspeakably bad) does a pretty good pork gyros. quite juicy, pretty decent portions. they also do chicken, which i haven't had. there's also a very good 2-for-1 shawarma (which is basically the same thing) place near birchmount and lawrence whose name escapes me. they make fantastic shawarma, beef, lamb (my fave) or chicken.

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          I'll second this place on Queens Quay, I have stopped in for a late night gyros many a time and have never been disappointed. Really tasty gyros and the guys that work there are nice. It's nestled between the hotel and .. ok I'll speak it's name, ...CAPTAIN JOHN'S, *gasp* *hushed whispers* *a baby begins crying*.. on the south side.

          I only walked the plank once and it was to see if i could scam extra beer before going on a booze cruise last summer that was departing a few meters away.

        2. I know it's not a recent post, but to help all those looking for a spectacular Gyro - about a year or so ago, one of the best Greek butchers in Toronto "Louis Meats" on Danforth decided to open his window (yes the window as well as the door) for homemade Gyros, and Damn! I can say without hesitation that these are the best gyros I've ever eaten outside of Greece (although I am greek by blood, I was born in Toronto, so I do not hold myself out as an expert on the cuisine, but I do love food - A LOT). Everyone I have taken there also has agreed with me, so I am confident in the recommendation - besides, where better to get cooked meat than from the source...

          1. Messini's no to 4 am