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Mar 22, 2005 04:19 PM

Visiting Toronto - Good places in Markham???

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Need your help Chowhounds!! I'll be visiting Toronto for the first time on Thursday (for 3 days) - staying in Markham. Looking for recommendations on...

1. authentic chinese food for dinner in Markham.

2. dim sum place in markham - cheap, large portions, atmosphere doesn't matter. We're used to the Hong Kong style restaurant.

3. place for congee and noodles in markham - again cheap and authentic is key

4. one cheap place from greektown or little italy for lunch?

5. Will be touring the CN Tower, City Hall, chinatown, eaton centre and kensington market...any must-eat places downtown?

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I'd recommend you check out First Markham Place, a Chinese/Asian mall.

    For dinner, you could try Markham Peking House and Kenny Noodle at the outer strip of the mall.

    For dim sum, I'd head over a few minutes west to Richmond Hill and try Sapphire Chinese Cuisine at the Times Square mall (northwest corner of Leslie and Highway 7). Dim sum is $2 all day every day.

    For congee, heard alot of good things about Congee Wong. Do a search on this site.

    Don't know much about Greektown. But you may want to try an Italian veal sandwich at California Sandwiches...416-603-3317, 244 Claremont Street. If your time is tight, call ahead. I've had to wait for 30 minutes the 1st time I went. Order a "sweet veal." Can also order it with a little hot if you prefer some spice.

    For downtown, usual suspects include Susur, Chiado, Splendido, The Fifth, Lai Wah Heen. You're no longer talking "cheap" though.

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      Agree with Goober on his chinese rec's...basically you've got a lot of choice on Highway 7 anywhere from Kennedy to Bayview.

      1. re: baby_tran

        If you like Malaysian food, try Satay Ria in the Market Village mall right next to Pacific Mall at Kennedy and Steeles. I think it's very authentic, and they even have someone appointed just to make roti canai. Their chicken curry is superb, as is the char kuey teow, sambal udang and kangkong belacan.

        Another M'sian place in Markham at Highway 7 and Kennedy is Coconut Island. Try the crispy belacan soft shell crab!

      2. re: Goober
        Chester Eleganté

        Times Square
        I thought Sapphire's dim sum was pretty decent as well. Two bucks each for all the sizes...can't beat that.
        Also, I would recommend Judy Cuisine (outside on the east wing) for a good casual dinner. Lots of tasty dishes there.

        First Markham
        Congee Wong is fun food..don't expect to be wowed, but it's enjoyable. Good and really cheap for a group. Staples include those famous chili turnip chunks, the giant congee, rice in hot pot, etc. There's also a location at the plaza at Kennedy & 7 (SW).
        Ding Tai Fung and Fang's are really good for Shanghai grub. Also, if you like bbq duck, pick up some from Peaktop (beside Congee Wong)... best I've had in the city.

        For dinner, Magic Wok and Dragon Boat Restaurant (Denison just west of Kennedy) are both good choices.

        Have fun...

      3. 1. I like Magic Wok on 14th Ave. West of Kennedy Rd. Really good homemade taro nest with seafood. Though you could hardly go wrong anywhere up there, just look for the crowds. :)

        2. Well if you like cheap, you can try StarWalk Buffet at lunch 8.95 I think m-th, 9.95 on Fridays. Only some dim sum, shrimp dumplings & shrimp rice rolls, shui mai & potstickers. Definitely popular for the dim sum and it the best part of it if you're looking just to eat that. The sushi there is bad but some of the vegetables and noodles dishes are good.

        3. I agree with Goober, Congee Wong is really good. I have eaten there. There's several locations so look up which one is closest to you.

        4. Greektown for cheap food? Well I will assume you want Greek food then. In markham you can find Mr. Greek already so you could try the competition, The Friendly Greek though I think there's one up north as well. If you don't want greek food, Mocha Mocha is a nice cafe for lunch, sandwiches, salads & casseroles.

        Little Italy - I like Utopia for lunch. Its not Italian though. Claremont's Veals as Goober says is really good for veal. If you like ribs, you're not far from Phil's BBQ, College & Ossington.

        5. Downtown has lots of cheap eats. Near the CN Tower, there isn't much but the Don Juan's chip truck outside the metro convention centre is great. In the CBC building is a Japanese luncheon place.

        City Hall - for something with atmosphere, go into the Bay and take the elevator up ..I can't remember which floor but its an old ballroom, you can order the buffet or order off the menu. The chicken pot pie is popular and someone plays piano during lunch.

        Eaton Centre - I'd go to Salad King for some thai food.

        Kensington Market - Well it depends on what you want, snacks are the empanadas at Jumbo Empanada (can sit down) on Augusta north of Baldwin and across the road, there's another place that's a butcher that sells their own empanada. I haven't eaten at El Trompo an Mexican place further north or La Palette same deal north on Augusta but I've heard they are pretty good. If you want tapas like portions, there's been review on the Supermarket, again on Augusta..there are all south of College Street.

        If you on Queen West, Burrito Boyz is a great place to grab a snack. Peter Street south of Richmond. YOu can google them, I'm sure you get some reviews.

        there's always more, but you'd have to be specific on what type of food you are looking for.

        Enjoy your stay.

        1. Toronto Life has an excellent list of restaurants.

          Markham is considered "905 North".

          "Ambassador" in Richmond Hill and "City Inn" in Markham for dim sum. I've heard people say that they like "Richmond Court".

          "Ding Tai Fung Shanghai Dim Sum" at First Markham Place, 3235 Hwy. 7 E. (near Woodbine), 905-943-9880. Or nearby Fang's Shanghai restaurant.

          "Asian Legend" in downtown Chinatown.

          And if you visit Chinese shopping mall, Pacific Mall in Markham, then 2nd floor food stall for noodles.

          Dong Bei Wang / Fill Your Own Restaurant
          4300 Steeles East, at Kennedy (in Markham)
          second floor, unit F5
          (in Heritage Town section/look for colorful Chinese wall murals)


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          1. re: keane fan

            Ambassador and City Inn make good dim sum, but they are not cheap. For 4-5 dishes, you approach $30.

            And last time I went, Ambassador's quality went down.

            1. re: keane fan

              Do not, I repeat, do not, go to Richmond Court. Horrible.

            2. This may come a bit late for your trip, but ...

              For Richmond Hill/Markham dim sum, I'm fond of Dragon Dynasty (2301 Brimley; rear of mall, next to Bank of Montreal). Times Destiny (Times Square Mall, HW7 & Leslie) is also very reliable.

              While insanely cheap ($15 for 3 people!!), I'd rather to to one of the above than Golden Regency, if that's what it's called (i.e.: 2nd floor, Pacific Mall).

              Congee Wong is very good for cheap eats. There are to my knowledge three of them. One in First Markham (HW 7, west of Woodbine), one at Peachtree Mall (HW7 & Kennedy), and one on Sheppard.

              As for downtown, Xam Yue ("3 Fish" in English -- a seafood joint) recently received a glowing review in Now's pick of the "top 25 chinese restaurants". It's on Spadina between College & Dundas. Haven't been, mind you.

              And Asian Legend (Dundas, between Spadina and Beverley) is good for Shanghaiese. While not on the menu, I recommend "haam chee fun" (salted shredded pork in sticky rice) for an appetizer. They always seem to have it when I've asked. Other dim sum and regular fare also available, including lots of sizzling beef dishes.

              1. Just wanted to thank you for all the replies! I went to some of your recommendations (Congee Wong, Sapphire, Peaktop Restaurant and etc) and they were all great!

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                  Didn't catch where you are visiting from?

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                    Visiting from Wash,DC... Thanks again!!! =D