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Mar 21, 2005 10:24 PM

where to buy chef wear in toronto?

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i need to buy some chef jackets, pants and hats
where is a place to buy it in the GTA?
i know that there is a store near george rown college that sells them but are there any other?

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  1. i finished george brown in 2001. since ive been in the industry you dont really have to buy your own but Dinettes, the place your talkin about is one of the best to buy jackets and pants.

    1. Nikolau (sp) on Queen St. near Bathurst sells them too.

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        I agree, you can buy great stuff at Nickalou, they are funky jackets and pants

        1. the best place I have found is Nikolaou on Queen and Bathurst.629 Queen
          They carry alot and at good prices.