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Mar 18, 2005 02:02 PM

Shopping Mall eats

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If you had to eat at a mall, which one would you choose and why?

I had to eat at Bayview Village today, and was disappointed by the lunch special at Yenching. Too many peanuts and not enough meat in the Kung Pao Chicken; Canadian-style breaded "fish" balls in red "sweet and sour" sauce; and bland bean sprouts on rice for $7.50. The many Chinese customers seemed happy but they weren't eating the daily special. I avoided Oliver and Bonacini because of their high prices, but maybe I would have been happier there.

I used to love eating at Savoia (Marche-style Italian) at Sherway Gardens years ago.

What is the best food at Pacific Mall, Sherway Gardens, Yorkdale, Ikea, Hazelton Lanes, etc.?

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  1. At the Eaton Centre you can nip outside to the Trinity Church (at the entrance just north of Mr. Greenjeans) for their soup and sandwich specials. Homemade and always fresh. (and cheap to boot!)And in the summer you can sit outside at the cafe's tables and chairs

    1. Bayview Village is, and always has been, a gastromic wasteland. If you think Yenching is bad, you should have tried the seafood place that used to be downstairs about where Ecco is now. Ugh.

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      1. re: Kerr

        Actually, Bregmans back in the day was always enjoyable. Plus the burger place that used to be there (Bo Peep's I think) was decent.

        And who can forget Charlie C's? :)

        1. re: westhead74

          alas Bregmans is now a memory. It closed a few months ago now. What a shame. I enjoyed there burgers. Swiss Chalet is going in there now.

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            If you are talking about the fast food burger joint that used to be in Bayview Village years ago, it was called Tummy Ticklers or something along those lines.

          2. re: Kerr

            Bayview Villiage Mall has no downstairs that I'm aware of.

            1. re: Jo

              The "Downstairs" was just one restaurant - Neputne's Cove.

              1. re: westhead74

                Thanks. I was going balmy trying to remember the name.

            2. re: Kerr

              Neptune's Cove is alive but not quite kicking. It's now at Finch and Kennedy.

            3. Outside of Bayview Village is a new restaurant & building. What's the name of the restaurant (something Grill??) and is it good? Thanks

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                You must be thinking of "Sierra" - used to be "Sunshines"

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                  Are you thinking of Sierra Grill? It's not really new.

                  It's main feature is a salad bar that's well worth a visit. Full of lots of lovely things, many fresh or lightly marinated, rather than slathered with mayonaise as in many salad bars. Try the soups, the chef has a heavy hand with the salt sometimes, but otherwise, they're very good.

                  The rest of the menu, on the other hand, I can't be bothered with. They don't even manage to get white rice right and they couldn't grill a chicken breast to save their lives.

                  1. re: Jacquilynne


                    you only go there for the salad bar NOTHING else

                2. With that list, you can't really compare shopping malls. For instance, Pacific Mall is run very differently from traditional North American malls and has far more of a focus on food. You will do much better there than at a mall like Yorkdale.

                  There are lots of recommendations on this board for places in and around Pacific Mall, but I'd like to put a vote in for Satay Rio, which serves Chinese/Malaysian food. My girlfriend, who moved to Malaysia for much of her youth, finds this restaurant's dishes quite authentic.

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                  1. re: The Vok

                    I used to go Satay Rio. The food was good, but they seems to have a insect problem (on two separate occasions).

                    1. re: KSS

                      I used to go Satay Rio. The food was good, but they seems to have a insect problem (on two separate occasions)."

                      what kind of insect problem?

                      I've eaten there many times and I've never seen a problem with insects.

                  2. In Fairview Mall, there's a little Korean place on the outskirts of the food court area (next to the Sports Store). For a quick take-away, I find them them very tasty, especially their Korean BBQ chicken with rice, noodles, dumplings, tempura, and kim bop for about $5.00.

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                    1. re: DJ

                      DJ,The Korean place is my favourite too! Whenever I went to Fairview Mall,The Taste of Korea would be my only "food-stop".I used to have their chicken bulgogi at least once a week. The sad news is that the business is no longer there. They closed down couple of months ago and I am still dying for their spicy chicken bulgogi