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Jul 5, 2001 02:53 PM

Two great restaurants missing

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1) Chinese Wok, on 5th in Belltown - the entire block of buildings is gone.

2) Noodles, in Fremont - closed right after the Red Door pub was moved.

Anyone have any info on whether these wonderful little places have reopened/plan to reopen elsewhere???

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  1. I used to eat regularly at the Chinese Wok until they lost their lease. . . during the last few days they were open, they were taking email addresses and promising to notify people when they found a new location. That's been months ago and no word. She did say they wanted to stay in the same area, but I can only imagine what the costs are like these days.

    1. Noodles will be reopening down the street (west of the "Center of Fremont" on 36th toward Ballard). They're currently remodeling a house for their new digs. That will make three Thai restaurants within about two blocks of each other.

      Not sure of the time frame though.