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Mar 8, 2005 11:29 PM

Beef Patties?

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The best ones I've found thus far are in Bathurst subway station. Out of the mass-produced patties, Patty King has got the rest beat, but I'm looking for the good ole homestyle ones -- maybe with a bit of flair on the original recipe.

Some people like the ones up in Peanut Plaza (Don Mills/Finch) but I find them to be waaaaay too liquid for my taste.

Anyone have a recommendation?

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  1. It's been a couple years since I've been there,
    but they have homemade Guyanese beef patties at
    Da-de's (?) in Scarborough. It's on the north side of Sheppard Ave. E. between Mc Cowan and Markham; the plaza immediately west of the Tim Horton's.

    The patties are huge by the way.

    1. If the North-West corner of the city might be handy, at the North-East corner strip plaza ,Grace's Patties I believe, has been there for decades making a variety of Jamaican Patties. It is on Westmore & Albion,one set of lights east of Highway 27. It is across the road from Dr. Fleas, the large weekend Flea Market where I drop in to buy sugar cane juice in the far north area closer to 27!

      1. Randys at Oakwood and Eglinton.

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          I would second Randy's. They have a good selection of different patties and they have "cocktail" patties (half the size of regular patties).

        2. I like the patties at the Caribbean Queen on Bloor and Lansdowne (previously the Patty Queen on Bathurst and Vaughan and St.Clair). Her patties are not as hot as others, but the meat mixture is very flavourful, and the shell is delicious. Make sure you have it on a coco bun for the proper sweet/spicy contrast. You can see Queen's whole operation through the glass partition separating the shop from the kitchen. I'm not sure if she still does, but at the old location she used to make mini patties on special order, which were perfect for parties.

          1. The patties at George's Tastees are great, if u get one straight from the oven, spicy, its delicious. There are 2 stores one in north york the other in markham at denison and woodbine i think, 300 denison specifically. Also at the pickering flea market theres a fella who makes the homestlye ones, very good also.

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              this thread began a little craving in the back of my stomach for some beef patties and so i stopped into this shop that makes snacks and samosas in eglinton station.

              turns out they offer george's tastees, so i picked up a spicy one. the filling is moist with a good amount of building heat towards the last bite. the outside shell was a little flakey and held together well. it was good, but i feel there's possibly better out there. i noticed that on the back of the bag they listed ingredients and somewhere around number five was msg. is this typical of most patties?

              this may be an interesting hunt for the best subway station food in general.