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Mar 3, 2005 08:43 AM


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Any recommendations for restaurants in Oakville?

I have to take a VIP client out for dinner and could either go gourmet or tasty ethnic.


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  1. If it is a VIP client I would take them to Oliver's or Trattoria Timone.

    Both have excellent food and service (and are somewhat expensive).

    1. For expensive, good and to impress try Jonathans on Thomas St. and for delicious ethnic go to Agabi at 134 Lakeshore. If not with your client try Agabi yourself!

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      1. re: Roma

        Yup, Jonathan's is the place to go for hoity toity...the food is great as well. Also, the Japanese restauarnt Mye is very high end and delicious!

      2. La Cucina on Thomas Street. Always excellent, which is more than I can say about any other restaurant here in my town.

        For tasty ethnic you won't find anything upscale. Mye is good for sushi but the service and attitude are poor unless you're a regular.

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        1. re: YYZSolly

          For good sushi (and great service) I would recomend Oshi Sushi on Cross just West of Trafalgar (on the North side). I've been going there for years and have never been disapointed with the quality of the food or the service.

        2. Tratoria Il Timone has some of the best grilled calamari going! I second that vote. Moe at Mye is very sweet- I've never found the service attitude-laced- but that's just my experience. Superior sushi in very serene, zen-like ambience.

          1. For Sushi, Mye in downtown Oakville on Church is superb..Japanese owner who knows what he is doing.