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Mar 2, 2005 08:02 PM

St. Clair West / Weston & Keele area

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Just moved to this neighbourhood and am hoping for suggestions for delicious cheap (under $10) eats within walking distance (up to 30 mins or 3 km) from this intersection. Runnymede, Scarlett roads (near Danier Outlet) also included in this area. Also looking for reviews on places further up Weston Road such as ID Love African and Chinese, or Golden Crisp Fish 'n' Chips. Any suggestions greatly appreciated (even if I have to use TTC because it's a must-try) for grocery stores, bakeries, take-out, pizza, ethnic foods (like Trini doubles), etc. Thank you!

~Food Tourist

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  1. There is a slew of places if you go east on St Clair W towards Dufferin for around and under $10. To get a good idea of what's available and a lot of exercise, take the street car to Oakwood, and then walk back home.

    There's 3 bakeries (the bread at the Italian and Portuguese ones that stare across from each other have good bread but skip the desserts at Tre Mare), one cheese shop, a zillion cafes, and a good butcher just between Dufferin and Landsdowne. The butcher east of Weston Road doesn't have so much.

    You can find Italian sandwiches at California Sandwiches or Centro Formaggio. Pizza is available at Marcellos (my fave), Big Ragu and Franks for just above $10. The latino Internet Cafe (la Casa?) at Earlscourt has good soup. I think Memos does good thin crust delivery only if you get the thin crust. The gelato at La Paloma at St Clair West & Lansdowne is the best in the city. I have been told the south american restaurant/car place near Caledonia has good food. Then there's more between Caledonia and Weston.

    When you get the chance give us the low down on the places right at Weston Road and St Clair W. I always wondered about the place just NE of the corner.

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      coachhouse girl

      At St. Clair and Dufferin (1018 St. Clair West)
      is a great, cheap cambodian/thai resto called Khmer Thai.
      my favs are #1 with Chicken, #19 Golden Beef and #30 Glass Noodles. but there are plenty of other goodies on their menu. the ambience is not great, but what do you expect for $5.95-7.95 dishes? They also deliver on nights other than friday and saturday.
      There was a good review about a year ago in NOW magazine.

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        Hey this is a year old post but i followed it to this location and it was awesome. No liqour license is kind of weak but the food is amazing. Decor is zilch but if your with good people who cares. The food is amazing everyone at my table was so satisfied at meals end. We had #15 Phad Thai #19 GOlden Beef and #30 Glass noodle-something I cant rememeber-our food was simple, under 8 bucks a main and absolutely delicious. I had #19 and it was amazing my other two guests left the place talking about how full they were and how happy they felt. Enough said.

      2. I am not sure if this is within the 30 minutes range. But along Dundas, west of Keele, there are a few restaurants that are pretty good. Versuvio's has good pizza, Hole in the Wall is an interesting pub, Curry Twist has good Indian.

        I also go to the Purple Onion (right at your intersection) for greasy spoon breakfast. Very friendly service.