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Feb 24, 2005 12:31 PM

Peter Pan Bistro on Queen

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Had dinner at Peter Pan on Queen last night before the Buddy Miller show at the 'shoe.

Service was pleasant and attentive without being annoying. I was dining with a friend I have not seen in several months, and I was pleased by the waitress's ability to leave us alone to ignore the menus. She checked back periodically but not so often that we felt pressured. More hot water for my tea was offered just before I finished my previous cup, which was excellent timing.

Started with a roasted squash salad that was different than what I expected from reading the menu, but very, very good. A mix of roasted squash and poached pears served on a bed of greens with a creamy dressing. It was a nice blend of flavours.

I followed with the smoked chicken fusilli. Lightly tossed in a light cream sauce (that was actually light, instead of the heavy, glompy white sauce that's all too common), the dish included smoked chicken, spinache and goat cheese. The smokey flavour in the chicken was a nice change from the usual dull grilled chicken breast that would be included in a dish like this. The salty goat cheese was generously added to the dish as well. The only real disappointment with this main was the pre-ground parmesan that was offered as an add on. Even cheap chain restaurants have learned to use grated parm.

My dining companion ordered the pad thai and pronounced it excellent, especially enjoying the sauce. He's a bit of a pad thai snob, so I take this as high praise indeed.

We bypassed dessert on account of being full from the mains which were generous. I'm not sure what the final bill looked like, as my dining companion picked up the cheque, but as I recall apps were mostly $9, and mains $15-$20.

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  1. Thanks for the review Jacquilynne. I have been wondering about this place since I moved into the neighborhood. I will check it out. Thanks for the descriptive review.

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      Peter pan, from what i have heard, has always gotten good reviews around town. However when I went, I didn't get the deal about this place. I found the seating to be very uncomfortable in the wooden booths. I also ordered the roasted squash salad, and it wasn't what I expected at all, but it was alright.

          1. re: Dimbulb

            Peter Pan was the first bistro on Queen West, back when it became "Queen West" in the late 70s. It was a big part of the scene. Susur Lee cooked there from '84 to '87, and left to open Lotus. But if that's Peter Pan's main claim to fame these days, it's in trouble. It's still a good for a cheap lunch special, but that's about it. Dinner is overpriced for what you get, and really not that good.

            1. re: estragon

              I went to Peter Pan this past week and really thought it was excellent value. The loft ceilings and rugged vintage elegant decor was not expected consideing how it looks from outside. I had the shrimp pasta and it was lucious. The rosti with smoked salmon and was also nice. I would go back. It's a nice place to lunch if in the area.