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Jun 17, 2001 05:27 PM

where to eat in alaska

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were going to alaska in aug on a 7 day cruise and were wondering what if any cullinary treats await in alaska,
we are going to be in juneau, skagway and ketchican. also will be in victoria bc for one evening.
we are dedicated chowhounds and want to preplan a bit.
anyhelp would be great. thanks.

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  1. Don't know if a 16-year-old tip would help at all, but my spouse & I honeymooned on Vancouver Island all those years ago, and I still remember the fried oysters at the Swiftsure Restaurant in Victoria. If you go, let me know if it's still there and still that good!

    1. i hear the food on the ship's isn't tooo bad....

      victoria is fun.

      juneau - there's a funky tai restaurant north of town, way far from the cruise ship docks unless you do the cab thing. not open on mondays. i can find the name if truly interested. the red dog saloon is going to be filled with all the other tourists from your ship so avoid it. the armardillo cafe serves non-spicy but eatable tex-mex, it's right across from the cruise ship docks. i haven't tried the restaurant at the top of the tramway. bullwinkle's pizza is not bad for thin crust 'za. there is a macdonalds and taco bell. nice library.

      skagway - too small to have anything memorable. the red onion is probably the best place to watch people, or be watched. whitehorse has the closest macdonalds.

      ketchikan - the tiajuana of alaska. the cape fox hotel is probably the most expensive, not bad food, not good service. worth the ride in the fernicular, i think they charge to ride in the summer. if you're there on a wednesday the roller bay cafe is probably the best, good food and a view of the channel for the wednesday night sailboat races. there's a chinese restaurant at the creek street area (you'll find it, major tourist magnet) that's really not bad for southeast. they have a macdonald's but no taco bell.

      sorry, southeast just really is not a mecca for fine eats. i've lived here for 20 years and am sooooo happy that my wife is an excellant chef. it's when people go on vacation out of here that everyone asks "what did you eat?" not "where did you go?"

      you will find that service in alaska is.... different. many stores still post "i don't care what it costs down south". i wouldn't have stayed here this long if i didn't love it. but i know how to laugh at myself and i enjoy showing newcomers (chee-chacos) my state.

      petersburg, alaska

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        hey thanks, what great information, iam getting excited ive never been to alaska and look forward to the trip. i live in idaho in the woods so i think ill really like the state. most of those towns are much larger then where i live so no real suprises for me.
        all my friends will ask what did you eat in alaska.