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Jun 15, 2001 11:08 PM

Real Barbecued Baby Backs

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I live here up on the Sammammish plateau and I am not happy with Tony Roma's or Billy McHales version of bbq ribs.....anyone?

While I'm at it.....does anyone know of really good pizza comparable to Uno's or Due's in Chicago?


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  1. Try Sherms BBQ on the Issaquah Plateau. It is great.

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    1. re: Todd

      Read this week's The Stranger ( column on BBQ. Not a lot of EastSide suggestions - but isn't good BBQ worth a bit of a drive?

    2. For the absolute best BBQ, ribs or whatever BBQ you like, go to 3Pigs in Bellevue. It's a local's favorite and has won tons of awards for best sauce and best ribs. They slow roast their meats the "real" way- it can't be compared, truely. It's better than any other place in Seattle, no kidding, but not known by many "Seattlites". Better than Dixie's or other "favorites". The Stranger is really ignorant for missing it last week in their BBQ review. Local, family run place. Closed on Sundays. 1044 116th Ave NE in Bellevue.

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      1. re: Tina

        Haven't been to 3 Pigs in a number of years, so it is difficult to compare. I WAS rather stunned to agree with much of what the Stranger reviewers had to say about the (very) local 'q. Jones definitely has the best ribs and a very nice sauce. The meat is lean (for ribs) and smoky without being overwhelming. The chicken and links are quite good as well. They have recently added a pulled pork or beef sandwich that is HUGE and very tender. Watch for the occasional bone fragment, though. A small price. One caveat: I have had their brisket when it is sublime; so tender it falls apart under its own weight when lifted from one end. I have had it more often when it is stiff and dry, an overcooked shadow of its former glory (sniff).

        They made a good point about Judkins being more of a soul food restaurant. GO NOW and get some of their fried chicken and collared greens. All of the sides I have tried (even the creamed corn!) were sublime. Eat dessert.

        Willies Taste of Soul is okay, but most important is that he will fry a turkey for you. You provide the bird, he provides the expertise.

        There is a place in Georgetown that is fairly good. It is on S. Angelo St., just north of Albro. I can't remember the name of the place, but the ribs were enormous (think F. Flintstone) and very meaty. They are more the "dry" style with a thin but tasty sauce lacquered on to the meat. The sauce has a fruitier profile without being cloying. It would be nice on a variety of fatty meats.
        I wish I could recall the name of the place, but if you can find the one block long S. Angelo, you'll find this place. No inside anything.

        1. re: Craig T.

          Note about the pulled pork sandwich:
          Returned to Jones to have another of the previously mentioned sandwiches on Friday about 1 p.m. Still quite busy, so you would think the meat would be fresh. The sandwich I received was noticeably smaller, the meat was dry and had been chopped instead of shredded.

          The quality of meat seems to depend on who is in the kitchen serving it. Mr. Jones and one or two other of the employees seem to be more consistent with the quality of the meat served.

          Jones lacks consistency, but is still BBQ worth searching out.

          1. re: Craig T.
            Matthew Amster-Burton

            Have the rest of you ever caught yourselves fulfilling Pavlov's law and returning often to a place that is horribly inconsistent? I haven't been to Jones BBQ, but it reminds me of a teriyaki place I frequent even though I know that almost half the time, the food will be disappointing. I pass over places that I know have a greater likelihood of serving better food to go to this place that sometimes serves great food and more often serves okay or lousy food.

            Then I'll be sitting there eating the lousy food and saying, "Why do I come to this place? I'm never coming back here," and then I'll go back the next day to see if they're having a good day in the kitchen. I think the slavering dog was actually smarter than me.

            Psych 101 in action.


            1. re: Matthew Amster-Burton
              Charles Drabkin

              I have been to Jones many times and it has always been outstanding. Maybe I am just lucky.