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Jun 14, 2001 07:36 PM

Best salmon in a restaurant! :)

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I read the responses to my request but I suppose I wasn't clear enough. Sorry. What I meant to ask was where is the best place to eat salmon in a restaurant.

Middle of the road prices, please. Thanks!!

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  1. In the $15 - $25 range Ivar's is probably acceptable. Straightforward preparations and apparently not overcooking the fish as they once did. The Lake Union or Pier 54 locations would be suitable for most of your "safe" eaters; Nice views, good service, decent sides and other entrees. Anthony's Pier 66, though slightly more expensive, is noticeably better with a similiar menu. Chinook's at Salmon Bay (Fisherman's terminal), Chandler's, Elliott's Oyster House, would all be suitable equivalents. I would lean towards Chinook's as the best value.

    Further up the $ scale is Ray's Boathouse and Salty's. Both have great views (Ray's: mt.'s, Sound & marina. Salty's: city and bay.), but Salty's rests on their location a bit much. Great Sunday brunch, though.

    For the more adventurous eaters, as well as those willing to spend a bit more, you might try Falling Waters, Flying Fish, Ponti, Cascadia, or Tom Douglas' restaurants Etta's Seafood (on Western, near Pike Place Mkt.) and Dahlia Lounge. All have creative chefs who will provide a unique seafood experience AT A PRICE.

    Another method of exploration is to go to the Int. Dist., get out of your car and walk around until you see a busy restaurant with a lot of fish tanks. I have yet to be disappointed.

    1. I would absolutely steer clear of anything on the seattle waterfront except, Waterfront. Great seafood there, but pricey.
      Ray's is another good choice. And of course many of the better small neighborhood restaurants will have King salmon on the menus done well.

      Do not go near Salty's or Ivar's unless you want your salmon cooked TO DEATH or absolutely swimming in butter sauce.

      1. Etta's Seafood is definately the best choice. Prices are reasonable for what you're getting - always the freshest fish and simple, northwest preparation. It's a local's secret favorite, although it looks touristy (mainly because of location, in Pike's Market).
        I urge you not to go to the chains such as Ivar's or Chandler's - they really don't do justice to the ingrediants available in the NW and although they might be a little less expensive, you're actually getting ripped off because of the low quality. It would really be a shame to eat "the best" salmon at one of those places. And FYI, Salty's is good but very pricey.