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Last Meals

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This is the list of requested last meals from the texas department of criminal justice. It's a little morbid I suppose, but it's interesting to see what people requested. I can't begin to think what I'd choose, but they'd be running all over the city to put it together, that's for sure :)


Link: http://www.tdcj.state.tx.us/stat/fina...

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  1. Great web site. I'm going to use it as a summer menu planner, except for Dennis Dowthitt's penchant for fried eggs (a dozen!).

    I'll have dinner guests draw a name from a hat. We will then prepare whatever meal that inmate had.

    Should be a really different kind of dinner party.
    Thanks again!

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      Chris Armstrong

      I've moved this to the General Topics board. That site rocks.


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        What's really sad is #152 who wanted shrimp and salad. Shrimp not available, so he got a cheeseburger and fries! Way to make a guy feel loved, eh?


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        Should be interesting if you pick the meal with the "bowl of salad dressing" to go with a dozen eggs. Paramedic, please!

      3. Someone should conduct a coorelative study between bacon vs. potential for mass murder. Did the bacon make them murderers or did murder make them crave bacon?! 1 pound very crisply burned?!

        For some of these choices alone should they be executed!

        1. This list is truly twisted but I found myself reading right through it. A lot of that food reminded of my childhood days in Texas when my relatives would cook all day. And I found some of those combos to be rather interesting and may actually make one of those meals for a dinner party...hmmm now I have to go to the confessional for even considering it...:)

          1. I truly believe that the death penalty is a deterrant ... for food lovers at least.

            Interesting tidbit I caught on the news regarding the latest was that McVeigh had his choice of anything they wanted from any local restaurant. As long as the bill came to less than $20 and there was no alcohol.

            So much for my pick of flying out Thierry Rautureau from Rover's to cook my last meal and bring a bottle of Petrus '82. =)

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              According to the NYT, Timothy McVeigh's last meal consisted of 2 pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

            2. The incredible, edible (fried) egg gets good press here. And if you combine #235 with McVeigh's meal, you get the classic pregnancy special - pickles 'n' ice cream. Slurp.

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                i dotnknow what to say about that site except in a traffic accident morbid way i was drawn in.
                a jar of dill pickles, a dozen eggs with sweet syrup, 2 steaks well done, mango icecream and a small steamed trout on texas toast with a gallon of mountain dew for me.
                but really i like the idea of a wierd themed dinner party. i think ive found what to do next halloween.
                print and enlarge the rap sheets as backs of potential menus and have guests try to guess what they ordered.
                the closest wins the meal.
                oh and bye the way. give these guys a smoke at least.