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Jun 8, 2001 01:44 AM

Last Meals

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This is the list of requested last meals from the texas department of criminal justice. It's a little morbid I suppose, but it's interesting to see what people requested. I can't begin to think what I'd choose, but they'd be running all over the city to put it together, that's for sure :)


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  1. Great web site. I'm going to use it as a summer menu planner, except for Dennis Dowthitt's penchant for fried eggs (a dozen!).

    I'll have dinner guests draw a name from a hat. We will then prepare whatever meal that inmate had.

    Should be a really different kind of dinner party.
    Thanks again!

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    1. re: Cris L
      Chris Armstrong

      I've moved this to the General Topics board. That site rocks.


      1. re: Chris Armstrong

        What's really sad is #152 who wanted shrimp and salad. Shrimp not available, so he got a cheeseburger and fries! Way to make a guy feel loved, eh?


      2. re: Cris L

        Should be interesting if you pick the meal with the "bowl of salad dressing" to go with a dozen eggs. Paramedic, please!

      3. Someone should conduct a coorelative study between bacon vs. potential for mass murder. Did the bacon make them murderers or did murder make them crave bacon?! 1 pound very crisply burned?!

        For some of these choices alone should they be executed!

        1. This list is truly twisted but I found myself reading right through it. A lot of that food reminded of my childhood days in Texas when my relatives would cook all day. And I found some of those combos to be rather interesting and may actually make one of those meals for a dinner party...hmmm now I have to go to the confessional for even considering it...:)

          1. I truly believe that the death penalty is a deterrant ... for food lovers at least.

            Interesting tidbit I caught on the news regarding the latest was that McVeigh had his choice of anything they wanted from any local restaurant. As long as the bill came to less than $20 and there was no alcohol.

            So much for my pick of flying out Thierry Rautureau from Rover's to cook my last meal and bring a bottle of Petrus '82. =)

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            1. re: Todd G

              According to the NYT, Timothy McVeigh's last meal consisted of 2 pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

            2. The incredible, edible (fried) egg gets good press here. And if you combine #235 with McVeigh's meal, you get the classic pregnancy special - pickles 'n' ice cream. Slurp.