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Feb 12, 2005 02:55 PM

T&T Supermarket

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WOW! Whoever it was that suggested I check out T&T Supermarket (asian grocer) was right! What a huge place and what a very busy place!

Lots of fun though and thankfully I did not arrive hungry or I would have bought a lot more. I got a hot dog bun, a beef curry bun, some hiyashi wakame (never tried it before - pretty darn good) and a whole pile of frozen dumplings & steamed buns which is usually why I hit the asian grocer.

There was such amazing selection for everything - at the sushi bar you could buy one piece of sushi for 75 cents and therefore try a whole bunch of different kinds. They had a dim sum bar with lots of great looking stuff. It baffled my mind really - I must have looked like an owl spinning my head every which way.

Good times anyway - I recommend it too! Btw, it was the Warden/Steeles location. Cheers!


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  1. I just got back from there. The selection is overwhelming. I was trying to choose a hot sauce and didn't end up getting any because I couldn't decide!

    Someone told me the Promenade location is larger than the others. True?

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    1. re: shan

      They are pretty much the same size. Warden location is a newer and thus a bit cleaner (though both are infinitely cleaner than the Chinatown supermarkets)

    2. Thanks for your thoughts, but your link isn't working. The correct address is:


      1. Do any of the Toronto chowhounds know if toro can be purchased at these supermarkets? Meaning, nice fatty, raw tuna (oh toro, chu toro, whatever).

        Much thanks!

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        1. re: Frank Lloyd

          "Do any of the Toronto chowhounds know if toro can be purchased at these supermarkets? Meaning, nice fatty, raw tuna (oh toro, chu toro, whatever)."

          from Toronto Star:

          **** So we rang up Taro Akiyama, owner of Taro’s Fish Market (3160 Steeles Ave. E.(near Victoria Park/Woodbine), Markham), to ask what he looks for when he eats sushi. Taro’s sells fish to chefs across the GTA; among his clients is the esteemed Hashimoto restaurant in Mississauga.***

          1. re: keane fan
            Frances in Toronto

            that's right, i would actually prefer to go to J-Town for sashimi (i.e. that's where Taro's is) rather than T&T.

        2. T&T Supermarket Store hours:
          9:00 am - 10:00 pm

          NEW location:
          5661 Steeles Avenue East/Middlefield (near McCowan)
          Phone: 416.321.8113
          Fax: 416.321.2808

          (Promenade Shopping Centre)
          Y007 - 1 Promenade Circle,
          Phone: 905.763.8113
          Fax: 905.763.8035

          (New Horizon Centre)
          7070 Warden Avenue/Steeles

          1. I ventured forth to T&T yesterday and had a great experience! I went to the one at Steeles and Warden and was blown away by the selection. I actually laughed out loud at the hot sauce aisle... like nothing I have ever seen. The freezer section was really interesting with all kinds of really great looking frozen dumplings. (not the tasteless little frozen grenades you get at Loblaw's)

            I brought home some nice dim sum and selection of mushrooms. Great prices on enoki (2 pkgs for $2.88) and king oyster mushrooms.

            Everything was very fresh and the only thing that reminded me of the Chinatown grocers was the occasional whiff of mothballs. Not sure what that was about.

            So I highly recommend it, but if you are a sane person best to go at off-peak times. Sunday afternoon was crazy.

            And bring a loonie - the shopping carts are not the .25 cent variety.