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Shanghai soup dumplings-Xiaolong bao

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I'm hoping someone can direct me to where I can get xiaolong bao,(soup dumplings)here in Toronto.

Many thanks!

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  1. f
    Frances in Toronto

    Ding Tai Fung, of course, located at:

    Ding Tai Fung Shanghai Dim Sum
    3235 Hwy 7,
    Markham, ON L3R 0J5

    I don't know if their soup is truly Shanghai (probably not because Shanghai people do not have hot & sour soup) but the xiao long bao and the woh teep definitely are great. And the onion pancakes, the steamed or deep fried rolls, the fried noodles.

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    1. re: Frances in Toronto

      "xiao long bao and the woh teep definitely are great. And the onion pancakes, the steamed or deep fried rolls, the fried noodles."

      And the steamed black sesame dumplings...

      1. re: keane fan

        for those who would like to prepare it at home.
        there is a shop at gerrard and logan (besides simon's veg restaurant) that sell pre made non cooked frozen shanghai goods. including onion pancakes (pre made dough, non cooked frozen). It is a mom and pop shop. but the goods are so well made and they frozen well also.

        1. re: justto
          Chester Eleganté

          For Ding Tai Fung, also check out their (handmade) noodles in soup and the chive dumplings/chive pancakes.

          Also, I haven't seen this mentioned before, but there is yet another Shanghainese place in that First Markham plaza called Fung's (it's located on the western row closer to the Bowring's).

          It's actually the same owners as DTF's. Different menu though and a little pricier. My friend's family (Shanghainese mom) always goes there now instead of DTF, for what it's worth.

          1. re: Chester Eleganté

            My mother (daughter of a Shanghainese) also prefers Fang's to DTF and felt that their dishes for a dinner banquet she attended there were very good and creative.

            1. re: Chester Eleganté

              Fang's Kitchen closed down 2 months ago. They still ahve the same wait staff, but the chef came in from china. I have no idea what the new quality is.

      2. f
        Frances in Toronto

        Another nifty Shanghai place right in the same square as Ding Tai Fung is in the food court of First Markham Place (i.e. just go inside the mall in that plaza). There is a Shanghai "fast-food" stall (but it's not that fast), and you can buy all sorts of goodies for cheaper, if you don't mind eating in a food court. Of course the xiao long bao isn't as good as Ding Tai Fung but it's still home made.

        1. You can get good soup dumplings at "Traditional Chinese Buns" on Dundas just west of Spadina. Highly recommended.

          1. f
            Frances in Toronto

            My experience of Spadina Chinatown restaurants:
            :P or :(

            If you can help it, try to go further out to First Markham Place for the nice Shanghai stuff.

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            1. re: Frances in Toronto

              Frances, have you actually tried Trad. Chinese Buns? Because, while I'll agree with you in general about downtown chinese these days, Trad. Chinese buns had some great food -- especially the jellied tofu and the Dan Dan noodles. Mind you it is in a basement, and it has a 'certain' ambience. But, it has some really good food.

              Much of downtown chinese has gone right downhill -- you're right. But, there are a few highlights. Although, it took a lot of sketchy meals to find them -- I think I tried every Chinese restaurant on Spadina with a visable health notice over the last 3 years.

              Rol San's dim sum isn't bad -- no Ambassador, sure, but well above Bright Pearl and many others -- including many in the burbs.

              Also, I have been told to try Peter's Chung King and it is on The List. I someone completely missed this place (I guess because its on College?).

            2. Many thanks for all the suggestions. We will make a trek up to First Markham. Can't wait! Yum!

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                Have to recommend -against- Ding Tai Fung .. not as good as Asian Legend (3 locations -- 1) Metro Square, 2) Chinatown on Dundas, on the east end of Dundas where Chinatown ends, 3) somewhere around Steeles/Yonge) The Chinatown Location was renovated a year ago, and it looks fantastic .. while maintaining their food standards.

                There's also 3-6-9 at Peachtree Plaza, just south of Kennedy & Hwy 7. The food there is quite good too. just stay away from DTF.

              2. The best place that I have been to for Xialong Bao is Asian Legend at Metro Square on north side of Steeles just east of Pharmacy, Next to IBM.

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                1. re: KSS

                  As pointed out by other hounds in a thread below that I can't find now, Asian Legend has a new location downtown on Beverly that was recently reviewed by Joanne Kates (she didn't like the soup dumplings so much).

                  Link: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servle...

                  1. re: julesrules

                    At Asian Legends (downtown) I always get the xiaolung bao with crabmeat version. Although I don't usually eat pork, this is an exeception coz it's delish with no "porky" taste! That location isn't "new", it's the "Original" that opened before Markham. The real orginal original was a hole in the wall that had no English name, on Dundas west of Spadina.

                    BTW that link needs you to be a subscriber or pay to read the text.

                2. Any new reccomendations for Xiao Long Bao in the past while?
                  I have had Asian Legends on Dundas and found them all right... not as good as the rolled beef pancake thing, but ot bad.

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                  1. re: mbe

                    Nothing new I can think of. My read on the Xiaolong Bao's of the two.

                    Xiaolong Bao from Ding's versus Asian Legend...
                    - Ding's has a richer fatter tasing bao than Asian Legend
                    - Flip side is that at Asian Legend the bao are not as heavy
                    - too quote a famous celebrity chef - 'Pork fat rules'
                    - however sometimes for me a little too heavy
                    - Ding's Pork+Crabmeat one is sweeter/seafoody than Asian Legend...ref. to umami that media was talking about a couple years ago.

                    Noodles @ Ding's are great texturally and fun to watch them make.

                    BTW, Fung's is gone. Haven't tried the replacement resto that took their place...don't know name.

                  2. Tried Ding Tai Fung this evening. I much prefer Asian Legend.
                    I found the bao's at Ding to be quite salty and the wrapper much thicker.

                    1. hm... i'll have to go against DTF and Asian Legend for the shanghai soup dumplings. just found this new restaurant called "real dumpling" (that's literal translation) -- i'll see if i can find the english name, it's at the Metro Square on steeles/warden (3636 Steeles Ave East) right beside the pho restaurant. their soup dumpling is quite good, and i would also recommend their cold noodle starter dish (very popular) and deep fried onion bread.

                      1. I Just had the Asian Legend soup dumpling 2 nights ago. I must say I was not really impressed. There were nothing wrong with them, but they weren't WOW. (I must say the best is still in Shanghai. I visited last year and they were DELICOUS there. So I guess I was spoil).
                        Don't remember what's it's called... but up in Richmond Hill, the corner plaza of 16th and Valleymede(Spidina). My mom told me it's not bad there too.

                        1. Anything new to report? I will be visiting Toronto next month and I'd LOVE to have some good xiao long bao.

                          1. For what I think is the best Shanghai food, go to Skyland De Shanghai. Weird name but really extensive menu. It's on Steeles, 1 lights East of Kennedy on the south side beside the Staples. My mom is from Shanghai and she says their food is the closest to food back home. My favourite is their vermicelli crab. Definitely has the most variety of real Shanghai dishes compared to the 2 that everyone mentions above.