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Feb 7, 2005 12:21 PM

best polish restaurant in GTA

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I've had pretty good Polish food at "Chopin" on Roncesvalles....anyone no a better restaurant in the GTA to get authentic Polish food.

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  1. Personally, I don't think there is much of an "authentic" Polish cuisine in Toronto. As much as I like pierogi and bigos, these meat-based dishes represent a very restrictive take on Polish food. There is no restaurant in Toronto that I know of that shows the variety of the cusine, not to mention its more refined elements (not that "peasant" food in Poland is not good; it is in fact delicious and so much more interesting than the offerings here; however, there is also a French-based Polish culinary tradition that is entirely missing in Toronto). The focus here is on a few dishes, with emphasis on meat rather than fish, a staple in Polish cooking.

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      If you're willing to go to Mississaugua, there's an amazing and authentic restaurant there. It's counter style, order your dish, great serving sizes, add on a salad, pay at the cash and take it to your table. So it isn't fancy, but it's as authentic as you're going to get! Great prices too, ~$10 a plate.

      The name is Arkady, and it's in the plaza in the southeast corner of Dixie and Burnamthorpe.

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        Will definitely check out Arkady. The strip along Lakeshore near Park Lawn and area might be a good check as I saw a sign with Russian Restaurant as well as several Polish Restaurants. Further east is a Polish restaurant called Domenics which does not sound Polish, but is. Saw a sign Ontario's Best Rye Bread, Universal Bakery, went in and bought a loaf, quite good, though I still buy on the Bathurst strip and Steeles. My inquiry, brought their mention of Domenics. I did ask if Domenics was Polish when someone was outside cleaning up and they confirmed it, verbal menu sounds good/normal. What a name for a Polish restaurant --- honest, can't wait to tell Gino his real name honest, my Polish friend, so much for people's names.

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          An Oh Oh to my posting as I went by today on my way to the Palace Pier Condominiums and the corner Russian restaurant closed likely for quite awhile and dingy in daylight. This can happen at night!

        2. re: jeevus

          Tried the takeout at Arkady (Dixie & Burnamthorpe) and really enjoyed the cabbage,schnitzel,potatoes and beets. Still looking for more formal sit-down-type restaurants if anyone knows any. (Want to take my sweetie for Valentine's dinner at a nice sit down restaurant.)

          Thanks to all

          1. re: jeevus

            That entire plaza is filled with Polish businesses. If you travel along Dundas east of Dixie you'll also hit some more Polish places, not to mention the giant Starsky market. There's also a bakery further west on Dundas, near Confederation, I think. There are tons of Poles in Mississauga.

          2. re: kasia

            Polonez on Roncesvalles (just opposite the library at Wright) is still the best. Good flavours, generous servings and so reasonable. I have been going there for twenty years from the time when Sir Nicholas represented the best of Polish food for many. Comfortable setting. (I.e. not cheap and not a barn.)

            Bring an appetite because they will give you too much: a basket of fresh bread with your soup; a variety of salads loaded onto broad plates of entrées...

            I recommend the flaczki, tripe soup. So hearty and filling in cold weather. You can also do your take home shopping at Granowska's pastries and Roncesvalles Bakery and deli within 50m of Polonez.

            -Uncle Bobby

            1. re: Uncle Bobby

              This sounds delicious. I am Polish and have been dying to take my BF to a Polish restaurant.

              Cafe Polonez
              195 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R2L5, CA

          3. Tried Polonez? Good food.

            1. Gotta admit....Cafe Polonez has some very tasty food.
              Took my Sweetie there for Valentine's Day dinner and we tried a sampling of pierogies, cabbage rolls, potato dumplings, schnitzel and assorted vegeatables with apple pie and coffee for dessert. We were very impressed....thanks Uncle Bobby for your suggestion.
              This is definitely the best Polish food in Toronto.


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              1. re: Tweet

                Love the Polonez. Melt in the mouth peirogi.

                1. re: food face

                  Have been to most Polish restaurants on Roncesvalles and Cafe Polonez is by far the best. Great food and great service.

                  1. re: frito

                    I would have to agree! Polonez has always been great when I've gone.

                    1. re: Beagle

                      I tried Cafe Polonez for the first time today and have to echo these endorsements. I also discovered a new favourite treat there - fruit perogies. They had strawberry today and they were lovely. Just enough sweet strawberries inside to balance the perogie. We also had weiner schnitzel which came with fried egg on top and surrounded by sides - beet salad, coleslaw, sauerkraut, boiled potatoes, tomato and cucumber slices. The schnitzel was tender and tasty with a nice crisp coating that was great when it soaked up the coleslaw juice. My friend also had the beef paprikash which he said was good. It came with similar sides. Huge portions so you might consider sharing, or plan to take leftovers home.

                      1. re: idnas

                        Cafe Polonez also have fresh blueberry perogies this week.
                        Not on the menu, but just ask.
                        I prefer Chopin for mains, but you can't beat Polonez for the starches.
                        We were at Polonez on Monday.
                        I had the chicken livers and they were very nicely prepared.
                        The small potato dumplings are delicious,
                        Four of us shared them as a side dish.

                        1. re: idnas

                          You can also ask for half orders of the main dishes.

                2. Have any of you tried Starkey's Polish Grocercy store in Etobicoke? It has absolutely fantastic takeout at the deli and the most authentic polish I could find (considering my mom's polish and makes all of that stuff so I'm a bad critic). The meat deli is the largest I've ever seen....the store is filled with European customers and the staff all speak Polish.

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                  1. re: alycat

                    I am not sure Alycat if you have in mind the same store that I do, the one I know is called Starsky Foods. Based on your description it sounds about the same although this one is further west from Etobicoke already in Mississauga. You will find there every possible Polish food that's available in North America as well as from other European countries. Their meat section alone is worth coming for. And their bakery including breads! Mmmmmmmmmmmm.... you will never shop anywhere else for your food. Here is their website:

                  2. I've been to Polonez a few times, and really enjoyed it. I just wanted to add one thing.... the apple cake. I'm not much on sweets, but it was one of the best I have ever tasted.

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                    1. re: hungry_pangolin

                      My wife is Polish and we go to Polonez every month or is good, just the daily soups we find hit and miss...the Zurek is always good, my favorite, but the daily special soups are what I am referring to. We also have gone to Amber quite a bit, I like Amber's perogies for they are more similar to my heritage (Ukranian) where Polonez is more Polish cottage cheese style.