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Feb 6, 2005 03:51 PM

Circle Thai - Winterlicious - Terrible service

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We were disappointed with our experience at Circle Thai, mainly because of the service. We weren't even finished our appetizers before the mains arrived, and the server just whisked away our plates so she could serve the mains. The server didn't return to refill water glasses or check on us, and then there was a long lull before dessert, and then an even longer lull before the bill arrived.

The dishes were unremarkable; the mango salad was alright, we both ordered the seafood with pineapple rice and found it one-note in flavour, and the "fresh mango sticky rice" dessert wasn't exactly as advertised. It was actually coconut rice with a gummy, paste-like texture, with some pieces of unripened mango alongside. The portions were small, as one might expect in a Winterlicious menu.

Although the meal wasn't special, it wasn't terrible, so we wouldn't have minded so much if the service hadn't been so deplorable. We won't be returning.

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  1. Went here today for a business lunch. My two coworkers raved about the mango chicken but it was ok. Service was good.

    1. Have never been inside but just passed by and saw 15% off for students with ID. Pretty good deal - it should at least be worth a try from students.

      1. service is always sub-par during either of the "licious" festivals (this can also apply to food)...staff are over-worked and under-paid...

        1. Not sure about your comment about the "mango rice", it sounds like what it should be: sticky rice with mango on top. Maybe they just use a misleading name. Unless you are talking about the quality of it...