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May 30, 2001 03:56 AM

Best salmon in Seattle

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Where is the best place to get salmon, middle of the road prices, please.


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  1. I personally like Mutual Fish (2335 Rainier S.) for all my seafood needs :)
    The prices are decent (not low, but not outrageous) and the people who run the place are wonderful. And (this is a big one) they really know their fish.

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    1. re: sue

      Amen to that! Mutual fish is a very good place to get fish. It's on Rainier Ave south of the I-90 underpass on the west side of the street.
      One suggestion: make sure you take a number when you get in the door----I didn't do this my first time there and figured it out once I'd been skipped over.

      1. re: sonja

        Another whole hearted vote for Mutual Fish. My family's been buying fish there for probably 30 years..
        and that's a whole lot of fish, and crab, and clams. The Yoshimura family has always known their fish,as well as how to keep their many loyal customers happy. Many fond memories of Christmas Eve crab feeds with primo dungeness from Mutual Fish. Susan C

    2. We've gotten spectacularly fresh fish from a fish place in the U-District. It's on 52nd-ish just west of The Ave. Sorry for the vague address, but I always just barely manage to find the place when I'm looking for it, and my husband does most of the shopping there. They also feature some game not found in your run o' the mill supermarket (quail, pheasant, etc).

      For buying larger quantities (like a whole salmon) we've had good fish from the wharves in Magnolia, too. Follow signs to the Fisherman's Wharf, I believe they're just off Dravus in Magnolia. Don't trust these guys to calculate how much fish you need for a dinner party, though. They'll oversell you by 100%. Figure 1/2 pound per guest (for a whole fish, to account for loss of poundage from removal of head, tail and guts).


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      1. re: Beth

        Re the U-district place: Do you mean the place on 47th, next to Costa's? There's nothing on 52nd.

        I think the name is something like "University District Seafood and Poultry", but I never remember it for sure.

        1. re: Karl

          This is definitely the place. I bought wonderful Copper River Salmon and also scallops there on Friday. The people are nice and very knowledgable but the prices are on the high end. Mutual Fish would be my first choice but it is just not convenient for where I live (Wallingford).

          1. re: Lauren

            University Seafoods is on 47th Street between University Ave and Brooklyn Ave. Free parking along the south wall at the BP Minimart on the southwest corner of 47th and Brooklyn.
            I've been buying fish there for over 25 years. They often (not always!) charge a little more than the Pike Place Market and supermarket fish mongers. What you get is a much more consistent product. I think they are as good (for freshness) as Mutual Fish, and the service is much more personal.
            In all my years there, the only problem I ever had was with a smoked fish I took to NY. It was overly salted. The folks at University gave me a refund sight unseen/untasted.

      2. If you have a car I would suggest driving to the Muckleshoot or another reservation. I've gotten great fish there! Don't know if it's legal but.....

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        1. re: anita

          I live near the Muckleshoot Reservation. I've never heard of anyone ever buying fish on the reservation, so I'm really curious about this. Can you give more details?

          Anyone know if this is even legal?

          1. re: sue

            I found people selling salmon on the side of the road. I was really nice, clear eyes etc and a great price. It might not be in season at this time though. anita