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Feb 4, 2005 09:26 AM

Hello Toast

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Don't make any plans to go to Hello Toast this weekend, looks like they're finally gone! I drove by this morning, the windows are all covered up with brown paper and there's a notice on the door, never a good sign. Wonder what's going in there next?

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  1. How sad... a few years ago, Hello Toast was a regular brunch destination for me. I would always order pierogies and bacon with a side of their thick challah cinnamon toast -- weird combination, but mmmmmmm. Good memories.

    1. You know, I really wanted to like Hello Toast, but every time I went there (and bear in mind it only a few times) the service was horrible. Each subsequent time after my first visit was as disappointing as the first.

      Maybe their consistent bad service had something to do with their demise? Not sure.

      1. How sad! We had gone there since they opened years ago and always enjoyed it. I guess because we had been there from the beginning, we always had pretty good service. We almost never went for brunch there, always for dinner. We had some very nice Valentine's dinners there as well. Too bad.

        1. My husband tried to go there last weekend with his parents and apparently the sign says something about flooding. So it is possible that it is not gone, just in the middle of repair...

          1. According to NOW its just called Toast now. Has anyone been, is it better or worse?

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              I think it's a worthwhile brunch destination. Good eggs benny at a reasonable price. The decor is a bit tacky, but that's the style.

                1. re: paper_bag_princess

                  Toast is on Queen East at Pape. Have to echo the earlier comments on the service, we've been several times and the service ranged from bad to ridiculously bad. I felt like I had to beg for a coffee refill, holding my mug up in the air as the waitress passed etc. Its off my list for brunch, never thought the food was anything special but that's just me of course.

                  1. re: paper_bag_princess

                    They are at 993 Queen east. There is a new review under Toast on Queen that's worth reading. It's all on dinner but its got me interested.

                    1. re: bennytoronto

                      I had dinner at Toast last week and really enjoyed it. The chef is new and the server we had was also fairly new, so that might explain why our experience was so much better than what's described here. My lengthy description is at if you're interested.