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Feb 3, 2005 10:54 PM

Hot and Sour Soup?

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Where is a good bet for great hot and sour soup downtown? It's one of my favourite winter cold cures, but I'm new to the city and don't know where to look. Ideally, I'd like a place with some other yummy dishes that does delivery to downtown.
Thanks for your help!

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    lemon square

    Hot and sour soup is my favourite cure for a cold, too. Lee Garden on Spadina. Hands down. No contest.

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      Asian Legends at Empress/Yonge has a pretty good one -- my favourite is the one at a tiny family-run Chinese restaurant on College St., west of Spadina, it's between the Amato's and Jun Jun Sushi.

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        a knowing patron

        If you really (and I mean REALLY) want to sample the absolute, very best hands-down hot and sour soup in the city, there is only one place to go: KOM JUG YUEN on Spadina 2 blocks north of College on the east side beside Grossman's Tavern. It saddens me to think that one day they will retire and I will never be able to sample this amazing soup again. I can only hope that one of their many children will take the helm when the time comes. Rush right over there and prepare to be amazed.

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          KOM JUG YUEN on Spadina is in the 2nd block SOUTH of College, not north!

    2. I have always enjoyed the hot & sour soup at Wah Sing and Hua Sang on Baldwin (the one downstairs is consitently good, the upstairs one is hit and miss). This was discussed a while ago on the board and you can check out the link below for more info.


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        Thanks for the reference Paolo. I started the original thread, and it's good to know that people still make use of it.
        I tried almost every one of the recommendations that time, and it was really hit and miss. It became apparent that people's tastes vary (hardly headline news) and I ended up not adding any new places to my list. However, even that was treacherous, as quality has varied even within my narrow selection. Jing Peking was down at the time then came back. Peter's Chung King (already mentioned in this thread) surged dramatically and was the best for a while - but more recently has dipped again; the balnce isn't quite right and the texture a little more gluey (some people like this). Is it seasonal? Possibly changes in chefs? Wish I knew the answer.
        Currently I'm back to Jing Peking for one major reason - the sesame biscuit. This is a separate menu item (around $1 - it's a northern dim sum item). I order both the H&S Soup and a biscuit and specify that I want them served at the same time (otherwise the soup comes out first as they have to bake the biscuit).
        Incidentally the 'biscuit' is more like a flaky pancake/croissant - not crisp but al dente.
        The soup's not bad either, but the combination is outstanding.

      2. My favourite Hot and Sour Soup in Chinatown is at Lucky Dragon. Second Favourite is at Peter Chung King. I recently tried the new incarnation of that large restaurant near the Red room. I think it is called "Golden Dragon" and it would be my third favourite.

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          Buddha's Vegetarian at 666 Dundas (one block west of Bathurst) has a wonderful hot and sour soup. Big fresh rectangles of tofu, exotic chinese mushrooms. More tangy than overly hot. I'm not vowing for the rest of the food (except their massive spring rolls) as it is very greasy. The soup is also very cheap- about $3.00 enough to serve two as a lunch on it's own.