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Who has them?

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  1. 1. JK Wine Bar
    2. Chippy's
    3. The chip truck outside the S&R in Kingston :)

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    1. re: Jenna

      I loved the sweet potato fries at Shanghai Cowgirl, but they might not be for 'purists' ....

      1. re: The Vok

        Cheap-> Macdonald's or Dairy Freeze

        Not Cheap-> Le Select or Baton Rouge

        1. re: robv

          The herbed fries that come with the lamb burger at C'est What? are terrific ... and you can wash them down with an incredible pint ...

          1. re: MTC

            Costco...at their take out/cafeteria section at the front of the store. crazy but true. i think they're coated before they're fried. yummmmm...

            1. re: todc1996

              Winners at Lawrence and Birchmount easily has the city's best value every Friday night. Two gigantic platters for only 12.95 (for two adults) (out of choice of 9, 3-4 pound meals), with the biggest, crispiest and tastiest fries in the city. I've also eaten from the chip trucks in front of the new TO City Hall and consider the chip-truck fries nearly close to the quality of Winners.

              Enjoy !

        2. re: The Vok

          "Fresh" at Bloor and Spadina has great sweet potato fries

          1. re: bbbradk

            Agree. Great sweet potato fries with Miso gravy. Divine

      2. which style

        eurpoen style with the differnet sauses? (are there any in toronto?)(in montreal its frites alor).

        or the greasy style (almost any chip wagon)

        1. The Senator Diner has awesome, super-crispy shoestring fries.

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          1. re: sunnyside

            Absolutely hands down - I agree.
            Love anywhere that has sweet potato fries as well.

          2. I actually like Swiss Chalet's.

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            1. re: Goober
              peppermint pate

              Ooh - good call. Swiss Chalet is definitely one of my favourite guilty pleasures. On the other end of the spectrum, JK on Church has great frites. Also, The Drake makes a mighty fine burger and fries.

              1. re: peppermint pate

                I third Swiss Chalet, although i haven't tried their new non-transfat fries yet. They're offering free samples with delivery orders.

              2. re: Goober

                So do I. There's a Swiss Chalet takeout place across from my house, and we do quick poutine with their fries when we can't think of anything else or we're craving grease. They're not fantastic, but they're consistently pretty good. I must confess to being a chalet sauce addict, as well.

                1. re: lissar

                  What is chalet sauce exactly?

                  Made from the rotisserie drippings maybe?

                  1. re: Goober

                    It's a packaged sauce that they make from a powder and serve hot. It's viscous and tangy, with nutmeg, celery, paprika, and I don't know what else. It makes good fake poutine. *braces for attack by poutine purists*

                    It's a family guilty pleasure, chalet sauce and fries.

                    1. re: lissar

                      you can actually buy the little packages at dominion for the powder to make it at home for yourself. i too, am obsessed with the sauce.

              3. $$$$: Jamie Kennedy
                $:McDonald's (God help me its the only thing i'll eat there, but I love'em).

                1. I agree that Jamie Kennedy is "known" for his fries. My only problem with them (an I guess it can't be too bad if I re-order) is that the chefs there put too much salt on the fries - for me a wee bit goes a long way.

                    1. Maybe the best "fries" I've ever had were at Chiado. Dense logs, stacked into a cube, that tasted like they spent a long time cooking in good olive oil

                      1. nothing beats johnny's on vic park at 3am smothered in gravy and ketchup

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                        1. re: mv

                          While it is true their burger and fries were pre-fabricated, frozen items, Johnny's was a good place for to grab cheap fries & gravy or a fast cheeseburger. Nothing fancy! Nothing pretentious!

                          Unfortunately, it looks like the best thing about Johnny's burgers is gone: it's late night hours. I can remember, years ago, my friends and I piling into the car after a night out at downtown bar, taking a detour off the highway and getting that late night grease fix.

                          Yet, lately, whenever I drive by the place at night, it's closed. (Secondly, were they always closed on Sundays?)

                        2. My current favourite and most easily accessible one is Lick's (yes, of all the places). The fries are fairly large, so you can get soft ones, but there are always sufficient pieces of fries that are crispy/crunchy. I don't even go for their burgers or salads anymore, just the fries are fine with for me.

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                          1. re: garp

                            My favourite is the chip stand located between Petsmart and Canadian Tire at the corner of Laird and Eglinton. They're super crispy, even when smothered with ketchup and raw onions! Does anyone else like their chips with onions?

                            1. re: MJN

                              I was going to post the same thing, tho' I like then with the gravy!!!!

                              1. re: MJN

                                who was it was bemoaning the lack of good food in east york? (elsewhere on this site).

                                1. re: MJN

                                  the thing that makes the difference with these fries is that even though they're frozen fries, they're cooked in olive oil. it makes a world of difference. bodega on baldwin cooks their frites in olive oil too. mmm. sooo goood.

                              2. The Burger Shack at Oriole and Eglinton-hand cut and crispy. (the rings ain't too shabby either)

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                                1. re: rob

                                  Definitely must agree on both counts. My personal theory is that they are frying their stuff either in lard or beef tallow and as a result it tastes much better.

                                  1. re: rob

                                    Definitely must agree on both counts. My personal theory is that they are frying their stuff either in lard or beef tallow and as a result it tastes much better.

                                    1. re: ShpiezMaven

                                      a la McDonald's before the vegetarian revolution... no more beef tallow, hence the lack of taste (but still devine) fries.

                                  2. I like the thin-cut fries at the Victory on Markham Street--they come with a yummy dill dipping sauce (although occasionally they are overdone) and the sweet-potato fries at Island Thyme on Bathurst (crispy--unlike Shanghai Cowgirl's).

                                    1. Actually last time I had memorable fries it was at beerbistro on King. They were pretty dead that night but managed to forget our order nonetheless. After we reminded them I saw them frantically peeling potatoes and needless to say they came straight from the deep fryer to our table. Quite good and I believe they come with some good mayo on the side. But I can't guarantee they'll be that fresh on a busy night...

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                                      1. re: julesrules

                                        The fries are good on a busy night too.

                                        The main problem with beerbistro on a busy night is that it can be very loud in the main dining area. Better to sit on the lounge side of the wall if you're in a small party.

                                        1. re: julesrules
                                          Food Fanatic

                                          I simply love the kettle fries at The Rebel House on Yonge St/Rosedale.

                                        2. You are all wrong!

                                          Not all chip trucks are created equal. The absolutely BEST in the city and GTA is Bozo's in front of the Toronto Convetion Center on Front Street West. I consider myself a fry lover and these are the ones sent from heaven. They are always flavourful, crisp, and have AMAZING gravy and portion sizes. The chip trucks in front of the city hall can definitely be hit and miss. The best fo them would be the Bavarian Bratwurst truck. I belive the owner is retired and only parks his truck when he feels up to it, mostly M-F, 12-6.

                                          But, you MUST try bozo's!

                                          1. fish is so so,
                                            but i love the chips!! they even wrap them in newspaper!

                                            1. s
                                              sir veillance

                                              Jamie Kennedy does perfect frites and lemony mayo on the side. It's pricey though.

                                              1. The Chip Truck on Melinda St.in back of Jump always lined up
                                                The Chips are big and cut freash in front of you
                                                it's there M-F 11:00AM til 3:30 PM

                                                1. huge mcds tip:

                                                  ask for them well done, and they make you a fresh batch

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                                                  1. re: dlw88

                                                    like anything at McD's, ask for something remotely different and you get it fresh... I go for the Filet o Fish without cheese, and/or fries with less salt.. .fresh as fresh can be (for McD's!!)

                                                  2. I second Beer Bistro on King and Yonge as having the best fries that I have had lately.

                                                    1. The best fries I've had since moving to Toronto are at Homeway Cafe on Mt. Pleasant, north of Eglington.

                                                      I had an awesome banquet burger there on Saturday, $7.95 for a huge burger with fries included.

                                                      I highly recommend it!

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                                                      1. re: bogie

                                                        Thats sooo funny you like the Homeways fries. That place was next door to my high school. All the pot heads would be in there all day chumming up to the cranky owners. I remember their burgers being not bad.

                                                        1. re: food face

                                                          Have you seen Homeway lately? It's had a complete upgrade. The name is the same, but the place looks great now. It's now being run by the next generation of the same family. Not nearly as highschool-friendly now, but I bet the food's a lot better.

                                                      2. stooley's in Kingston - johnson & division
                                                        Waffle cut and seasoned w/ chicken stock powder (@ least i think that's what it is)

                                                        1. Feathers Pub in the beaches, House on Parliament ( on Parliament in cabbagetown) and the ben wicks pub also on parliament .. super crispy and perfectly cut.

                                                          1. Goldenstar at Yonge/Steeles are really good, order it with the All-Star burger and you've got it made.

                                                              1. re: zoohort2

                                                                I agree, the fries at Beerbistro are great.

                                                                The best greasy spoon-type fries I've ever had were at the taxi stand behind Terminal 3 when I worked their about 13 years ago (at Immigration). I don't know if the taxi stand still exists or if they are still good, but I still remember them from all those years ago - YUM

                                                              2. Jamie Kennedy

                                                                British Style F&C

                                                                Chip stand at Cannington and 403 (SOUTH Side NOT north side). Just east of Brantford.

                                                                Swiss Chalet.

                                                                NOT McDonalds! Leaves a film in your mouth.

                                                                Wendy's if you ONLY eat the two or three that are mysteriously crispy in each bunch -- the rest of their fries are awful and mealy and dry.

                                                                1. Epicure Cafe - west of Queen and Spadina.
                                                                  Jules - south of Queen and Spadina
                                                                  Chicago - Queen and John
                                                                  Free TImes Cafe - College and Spadina

                                                                  Those are my faves downtown.

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                                                                  1. re: Calam1ty

                                                                    Greasey goodness from the Swiss Chalet at Bloor/Bathurst. But then, I'm from Qu├ębec where calories seem to count less than they do here.

                                                                  2. God hrlp me, I like McDonald's. Having said that agree with JKWB. I have a weakness for sweet potato fries from just about anywhere with aioli.

                                                                    1. 1. Cava;
                                                                      2. Starfish;
                                                                      3. Biff's.

                                                                      1. The Real McCoy at Markham & Brimorton (south of Ellesmere). Thick, handcut fries, and the gravy is delish.

                                                                        1. Utopia on College usually has awesome fries - not to mention burritos...

                                                                          1. No one likes NY Fries? I think they're great. As are McD'sANd I also had really good sweet potato chunky wedges at Ki...yum!