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Jan 28, 2005 10:33 AM

Indian Food

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Hello All,
Anyone know of any good Indian Restaurants???
I've heard of a place on Younge & Clark in Thornhill that is said to be very good.

Please help...

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  1. I think you're talking about The Indian Kitchen. It's amazing. Try their tandoori fish and the lamb chops. If I hadn't moved downtown I would be their regularly - I'm still looking for a place I like as much down here.

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    1. re: Delish

      I completely disagree. I've to Indian Kitchen 4 times and food ranged from so-so to simply not very good. (It's nearby , what can I say.) They lamb chops were all gristle. If you want tandoori fish, Cuisine of India is the best place to go.

      1. re: Kerr

        Interesting... I've never had a bad experience there and I used to go every few months. The food has always been tasty and of good quality. Then again, I haven't been there for a while. It's a shame if what you say is true, but this wouldn't be the first reaturant to slip from greatness into mediocrity...

        1. re: Delish

          Ive never heard a bad thing about that place, guess I'll be going there...

          1. re: ReuvenK

            "Ive never heard a bad thing about that place"

            Huh? You just have.

        2. re: Kerr

          Just out of curiosity, if the food is THAT mediocre, why did you frequent it 4 times?

          1. re: Charles

            Try reading the post.

            1. re: Kerr

              Kerr,I think what Charles is saying is that he suspects you are a Glutton for Gastronomical Punishment!

              True chowhounds normally don't go back three times to a restaurant with "so-so to simply not very good" food just because "it's nearby" unless they are severely mobility challenged!

              1. re: GeoNit

                Thank You Geonit!!! Exactly my point!

                1. re: GeoNit

                  *grins*... I can't speak for anyone else, but I don't have a car, and while I live in what I would consider to largely be a culinary wasteland, I do eat with repetition at some of the crappy places here simply because they're cheap, I'm hungry, there's nothing in the kitchen, and while I would love good eats, I don't feel like TTCing it reasonably far.

          2. re: Delish

            Yea, i love Indian Kitchen too. My friends all prefer the Host for some reason. I've been to the Host twice (both uptown and downtown locations) , and thought the uptown one was not nearly as good as the indian kitchen. the downtown one was good though.

            1. re: jmeeee

              Indian Kitchen average and variable. It is possible to get a good meal there. It is also possible to get a poor meal there. Generally, the Host is much better.

          3. I love Indian Kitchen and my husband and I eat Indian food quite often from different places. If they were closer I would eat there all the time! We usually go with some Indian friends who introduced us to the place.

            1. Went to Tandoori Pearl which had great food. Its on Nugget Ave. in Scarborough. The place is clean unlike many Indian restaurants around. I heard Bombay Bhel is good too, but I have yet to try it. Its on Beaver Creek in Richmond Hill. Hope this helps!

              1. what about matagali? i've heard good things about it but then again, i've never tried it...
                anyone here tried matagali?

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                1. re: aznpoon

                  The food at Matagali is pretty good, not that many alternatives downtown for Indian. However, the service can be slow and the portions are sometimes small.
                  I prefer a little restaurant on Yonge around Gerrard named Katmandu, they have excellent Chicken Vindaloo and Eggplant Bharta plus a decent small buffet at lunch.

                2. Bobay Bhel is excellent, they have a location on East Beaver Creek (Hwy 7/404). They also have a location in Mississauga. There could be others as well. Consistely excellent. Been here 6-7 times, consistely very good. Butter chicken is to die for.

                  Cusine of India is very good as well, on Yonge between Finch and Sheppard. Been here twice, very good each time.