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Jan 27, 2005 09:23 AM


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does anyone know where I can find as-el-hanout spice mixture in Toronto?

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  1. I believe there was a thread about this a few weeks ago.

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      I believe the thread was last week and if I were more technically adept, I'd post the link right here. But I know myself, and I'd probably post a link to something entirely inappropriate so...I'll just tell you to scroll down a bit. The subject line is, in fact, Ras el hanout!

    2. Might try the strip along Lawrence east of Vic Park. Lots of middle eastern shops there - while you are at it don't miss the bakery ARZ.

      If that doesn't work for you there is a recipe on Epicurious.


      1. there is a shop in the basement at st.lawrence market that should have what you are looking for.happy hunting.

        1. Ararat, its a store on avenue rd between fairlawn and melrose ave on west side opposite no name store

          1. house of spice in kensington market sells a good one. also has, besides an amazing spice selection, a great selection of pataks curry pastes in bottles and cans. many that i've never seen at any of the chain grocery stores

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              All middle eastern stores should have it - usually a selection of different mixtures. Many high end and Jewish stores carry it also. Bonnie Stern sells a great version, though it isn't cheap. (Bonnie also sells a dukka mix that is wonderful.)