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May 16, 2001 05:24 PM

krispy kreme...any update?

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Hey y'all---I went to the krispy kreme website---the issaquah location was rumored to be opening in june, so I wanted to be first in line. Anyways, turns out the opening is being delayed...anybody heard any rumors about a location?

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  1. How stoked are we to get our groove on with some pastries? I can't wait to get my hands on one of those little doughy balls of heaven. I've pulled a snippet from a local article on the status of Krispy Kreme. Oh dahling, it's so near, but not near enough!

    From the Eastside Journal:
    "As many as six sites in the Seattle area are in various stages of either lease negotiation or permit approval, said Gerard Centioli, the Seattle native who owns the Krispy Kreme franchise rights to the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia.

    Centioli would only confirm one of the potential sites: East Lake Sammamish Center in Issaquah.

    Krispy Kreme Donut Corp's prototype calls for a 4,000-square-foot building with a drive-through window. However, drive-throughs often require conditional use permits which could add to the time it takes to get buildings approved by the local municipalities.

    "We are ready to do it as soon as we can," Centioli said. "Optimistically, I would say summer; realistically, I would say fall. But that's not under my control."

    End snippet ;)

    So read between the lines: bureaucrats slow down the process. And meanwhile, we wait, and wait, and wait.

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    1. re: miss wasabi

      I think Krispy Kreme is about where Coors was in the 1970s. People who can't get them have turned it into a cult brand. And, IMO, they're really not amazing donuts. OK, I've done a Homer Simpson on a few boxes of crullers (from the grocery store), and if I visit the local KK (which I've lived near for 20 years) it's fun to get hot ones, and also fun to just gaze from the window that looks onto the glazing station. But I rarely go there. It's better to drive to Arlington (VA) for donuts from Brenner's, a genuine old bakery.

      1. re: Jim Dorsch
        Debra Delacroix

        We just did a 10 trip through NC, SC, GA, TN...tried Krispy Kreme's twice (even when they were hot out of the oven..)...I didn't see what all the fuss was about.

        1. re: Debra Delacroix
          Debra Delacroix

          I meant to say...10 day trip ..sorry...on pain pills at the moment!

          1. re: Debra Delacroix

            Pain pills versus Krispy Kreme . . . I'll take the pain pills. :)

            1. re: Jay

              It's a bummer that I've never experienced a Krispy Kreme, so I'm clueless about this debate. For those who have indulged in a KK and aren't that fond of them... which local bakeries produce donuts that make you salivate?

              I'm trying to pull together an article on this very topic (which my editor has suggested I write). I'd love any input on where you get your donut fix locally. I'm talking strictly donuts here, not pastries, breads, etc. Now is the time for donut gluttons to exit the closet.

              1. re: sue

                Who do you write for? I'd love to look it up and watch for your donut thing...

                1. re: sonja

                  I'm a staff entertaiment/features reporter with two local sister daily newspapers in Kent and Bellevue (The Eastside and South County Journals).

                  Primarily, I write features about local entertainment events as well as a weekly restaurant review and dining column for our Weekend section published on Fridays. I also write health, food and other features for our Women's Journal ... and when time permits, special projects (working on a very interesting childbirth piece right now).

                  As for the donut story, it likely won't run until later in the summer when Krispy Kreme in Issaquah is expected to open. I'm looking for local suggestions on the best places for donuts, but I'm still not sure what I'll be writing. It probably will involve me, the Journal features staff here and several bags of donuts. We are so up for the challenge.

                  1. re: sue

                    For my money the best donuts are at Costco in Issaquah. The hot glazed donuts are about as good as they come.

              2. re: Jay
                Debra Delacroix

                Jay-if you take the pain have to take the broken foot along with it :o) (the glow-in-the-dark cast is an option).

                I think I'm just partial to apple fritters than to donuts and maybe the KK's vary from place to place?

                For Sue...Pao's Donuts in Tacoma (6th) makes great donuts (fav is chocolate old fashioned--talking South Sound--haven't had donuts in Seattle). I love the apple fritters at Thriftway in GH, but I guess those don't qualify. Can't wait to see your donut article.

            2. re: Debra Delacroix

              And I can't wait for them to come to town!!!

        2. Delays, delays, delays...
          Seattle P-I had a brief piece in Thursday's paper:

          Personally, I'm not hooked on them. I ate them several times (both fresh/hot and slightly older) while I was in Charlotte NC for 4 months last year.

          I prefer a firmer, less "greazy" glazed myself - the kind that Dunkin' Donuts did; unfortunately, those franchises are all gone from the Seattle city limits, although there's still one south of the airport, and the ex-Dunkin', now Aurora Donuts (plus Baskin Robbins) on Aurora near 150th still does the Honey-Dipped glazed just like the old way.

          Best donuts from my past - Cherry or regular "raised glazed" from Spudnuts in the Midwest.

          1. m

            i live in moscow idaho, and even here have heard krispy cream rumors. now i have eaten my way around the world several times and yet to have sampled a krispy kreme. what is it?