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Jan 24, 2005 11:26 AM

Bombay Palace

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Has anyone been to Bombay Palace on Jarvis for dinner? How is the food? Is there an evening buffet?

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  1. I would stay away. I remember going to this place 5 years ago for a below average Indian buffet. The same people own Raaga as well.

    I have never been to Dhaba but have heard good things about it. There are restaurants that serve a higher quality of food near Gerrard & Coxwell.

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    1. Went to Little India Buffet on Queen & University and it was VERY good. I do not eat a lot of Indian food so I cant say how authentic the food is but I really enjoyed it and it was very fresh. Their buffet is $8.95 Their was soup and and about 15 hot dishes and about the same cold. The containers in teh buffet table were very small but they were refilled very quickly making the food very hot and very fresh. At 1pm on a cold Monday there was a line up of 6 people waiting to sit down as the place was packed. Only complaint was that the seating was very close together so it was hard to get in and out of the table to refill your plate but I guess that is because they are so busy.

      Also they cleared dirty dishes very quickly and were always refilling the water. They did not seem to be rushing people out but were very quick with the bill when it was asked for.

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        I also had a pleasant experience at Little India for the lunch buffet (food looked fresh and just made), despite the typical misgivings about the Indian lunch buffet.

    2. I go to Bombay Palace all the time. Yeah, there is probably better Indian food in town, but that wasn't the question.

      I like this place, so I'm gonna stand up for them. As someone who eats a lot of Indian food, I just really enjoy the Bombay Palace experience. It's a nice place!

      The servers are very friendly fellows; seems like a family run place, though not sure if it is. The decor is a little worn and a little old school, but it's clean, and cozy warm (lots of soft red and gold colours and fabric), and friendly, and easy going. And they do well it seems, with a lot of tourists, but also with a lot of regulars, as I see a lot of the same people in there time after time. That tells me something.

      It is a chain, by the way, and quite a Canadian success story, if that stuff matters to you. They have operations in major cities all over the world, so good for them. But don't be put off by them being a "chain restaurant" -- personally, I simply love their food. And yeah, it's a cliche, but their butter chicken is so tasty I eat it until I can't move... and still go back for more.

      To me, it's one of those neighbourhood institutions that doesn't aim to be the best, or the trendiest, but simply provides consistently good food with good service in a nice environment. Gotta like that.

      They have an evening buffet but I believe only on the weekends, but please check with them to be sure.

      And try the Salmon Tikka. Wow.

      Give it a try.

      1. Try RUCHI instead. It is a new Indian rest. on Yonge (east side)just south of Bloor. We have tried their take out several times as well as eaten at the restaurant and never been disappointed.
        Very pleasant, family run, and the food is delicious !

        1. I eat the lunch buffet at Bombay Palace several times a year (last about a month ago). It isn't bad. Certainly not the best Indian food but if you want to stuff yourself at a reasonable price on decent food this place will work for you.

          Personally I like Nataraj at Bloor near Spadina quite a bit for Indian.

          1. I've tried bambay palace, also tried kama (on king near roy thompson hall).

            Kama is better for the buffet. more selection, fresher food, better atmosphere, overall better food.

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            1. re: Davey

              No offence to you personally, but I totally disagree with your assessment of Kama. I went there about a week ago and I was greatly disappointed.

              The chef obviously adds way too much water to the pot when preparing food. Both the consistency and the taste of the curries were marred by the amount of water in them. It also resulted in too much sauce and no content.

              The quality of the ingredients was miserable. The goat curry consisted mostly of bones and tendon and very little meat. The beef was similarly bad. And the lettuce in the salads were brown!

              The naan was soggy and bland.

              Kama is, by far, the worst Indian food I've ever had in Toronto. It was a lot of money to pay for awful food. I will not return there again.

              1. re: Juniper

                OUCH!! You hit the nail on the head!! It's not Indian restaurants/buffets are so bad, but economically/sensitivity, the food is toned down re. savings/spicing!! Just have to find way to enjoy!

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                  The one and only time i've been to Kama I noticed the "watery-ness" too... The food seemed so watery I thought it was just me - or maybe a certain style i was totally not familiar with. They do have more selections than other places but of those selections, there were fewer items I wanted to eat.