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Jan 24, 2005 08:54 AM

real Tortilla Soup

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i first tried Tortilla Soup in Mexico and fell in love with it. i've been wanting to try it in Toronto, but have only found it at Jalapeno. it was ok, but i wasn't blown away. does anyone know where else i can find it? I've heard Rancho Relaxo has one, and i've never been there.

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  1. I know what you mean. We had Sopas Lima in Cozumel and I have been able to duplicate it at home but not in a restaurant. We tried Mexitaco, based on some stuff on Chowhound and were in the neighbourhood.We ordered the sopa Azteca which was a valiant effort but we had to add salsa and our own lime to get some depth of flavour.

    1. There are a number of Mexican and other Latam places on St Clair W, west of Bathurst all the way to Dufferin, not just El Palenque I & II. Another Mexican place is on the south side, west of Vaughan Road, not sure of the name--you might want to check it out.

      There is an internet cafe/cafe a few blocks west of Dufferin on the south side that has had good soup, but I am not sure whether it's exactly what you are looking for. Good luck!

      1. Does anybody know of a good probably unadvertised place that serves turtle soup in Toronto? I'm new to CHOW and havenen't figured out yet how to create a new blog. The soup theme seemed relevant.
        Re: Ariel Rancho Relaxo on College has a decent version, but not nearly as intricate as the Puetro Vallarta variety.


          this is my favourite Mexican restaurant in Toronto, they have a version of what you are looking for on the menu, but sadly sitting in a Cozumel restaurant, after a half day of diving, eating chicken mole just can't be emulated here :)

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            I enjoy the tortilla soup at Sweet Smoke personally.

          2. you could try this place they claim authentic mexican food.